October 25, 2021

On the way to Paris: Patty Smith is ready to perform at the opening concert of COP26 in Glasgow.

A special concert event featuring world-renowned musicians will help launch COP26 ahead of talks in Glasgow.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow’s SEC for two weeks starting October 31.

Artists such as Patti Smith will perform at the event, called Pathways to Paris, as its first edition took place at the COP21 Summit in the French capital.

Bringing together leading musicians, thinkers and policymakers, the event will serve as a call to action, urging nations to reach and exceed climate goals.

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Other big names ready to take part include Bill McCabe, Soundwalk Collective, Rebecca Phone, Tenzin Chagall and Patty Smith’s own daughter, Paris Smith, who co-founded the initiative.

In 2017, at the UN Secretariat, Pathway Paris announced its 1,000-city initiative for carbon freedom.

Glasgow Times: Stockholm, Sweden - December 10: Patty Smith performs during the Nobel Prize ceremony at a concert hall in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10, 2016.  (Photo by Pascal Lee Sigertin / Getty Images)

All proceeds from Syria will be donated to the initiative, which invites entire cities. World Quitting fossil fuels as soon as possible and converting them to 100% renewable energy.

As Paris Smith put it: “In the world MusicThe best way to improve is to work together. The same is true with the critical issue of climate change. We must work together to build the most ambitious partnership of our century.

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Rebecca Phone, co-founder of Perica Pathway Paris, said: “These meetings mark an important moment. History, As we collectively need to come together to advance our goals and actions. Cities play a key role in transforming our world from a fossil fuel age to a renewable world.

“Now is the time for us to make this change and change our nations and our cities to be sustainable and resilient for all of us and future generations. This is our opportunity because the window of our time is getting narrower.

Glasgow Times: 'In November, the eyes of the world will be on Glasgow as world leaders gather for the COP26 UN Climate Summit'

The concert will feature a special underwater recording from the TBA 21-Academy Sound Archive documenting the sound of marine life in contrast to the devastating effects of man-made noise pollution on all types of marine life. Is.

The soundtrack, called Crisis of the Lost, includes additional recordings by sound artist Jana Wonderin during field trips to Belize, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Norway and Iceland. Also recorded were seismic airgun blasting explosions obtained by marine expert Simon Bowman Packering’s lab, and Cello wrote and performed what Lucy Relton did.

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Crisis of the Lost is part of a collaborative effort and is part of a series of album projects between Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective, entitled Casporundians, Spring 2022.

Paris Smith and Rebecca Phone will also perform throughout the evening.

Speakers include Bill McCabe of 350.org and other special guests who will be announced soon.

The concert will take place on October 31. Theater Royal in Glasgow. Tickets are now available. www.atgtickets.com

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