September 17, 2021

Olivier Mercy was praised by fans when he caught the girl halfway through his big gig.

Fans of Olivia Mercy have praised the girl, who was caught halfway through her big gig in the Northeast on Saturday.

The 37-year-old singer returns to the stage to do what he does at Modern Park in Darlington as part of his 25th Summer 2021 UK tour.

Oli Meris praised fans for checking out a girl who encountered a tour during her set.


Oli Meris praised fans for checking out a girl who encountered a tour during her set.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Over the past few weeks, Oli has played in a number of venues across the country, and this weekend he treated some of his best films with residents of County Durham’s large bazaar town.

Sadly, one of the crowd got sick during the show and the girl’s mother thanked the X Factor star on Twitter for taking care of her.

He wrote: “Thank you Williams for stepping off the stage to talk to my daughter tonight after the tour.

Oli retweeted the post and said: “Oh God I hope he’s fine !! Send him my love.”

Many of his fans responded to the tweet praising the musician for how concerned he is.

One replied: “You have the heart of absolute gold and proof of why you are still doing it after 11 years.”

Another said: “That’s why I love Oli Marz and take her because they are not trapped and they appreciate what they get. Hope your daughter is fine and It was a beautiful thing. “

Another wrote: “Such an amazing boy, you really are something special. The way you take care of your fans in horrible times shows why you are loved so much and still you Are in the career. “

A fourth tweeted: “How cute it is for you to take the time to talk to her. Please do so. X.”

A fifth said: “We had a really good night.”

Oli will perform next time in Telford, followed by a gig at Bedford and another at Solhole before concluding in Kent.

The chart topper suffered another injury on stage during a recent show earlier this month.

It came 11 days after a surgery when he jumped during a performance and a piece of bone entered the back of his knee.

Arriving on stage at the Newbury Race Course wearing a leg bracelet, Oli admitted that he was trying to take it “easily”.

But a more enthusiastic fan threw a bottle of sunscreen on stage.

“Sunscreen was not a good idea,” Oli said on Instagram Live after the event.

“Thanks to the person who threw it at me, my eyes are still stinging.”

Olivia Mercury became famous on X Factor in 2009.


Olivia Mercury became famous on X Factor in 2009.Credit: Getty – Partners.
Oli Merce’s super-tight outfit was mocked at first sight by Joel Domitt in The Cube Celebrity Special

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