Oddbox, a strange fruit and vegetable company, is expanding its presence in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

If you don’t mind that your banana is crooked, your pear is huge, your potato is tiny, or your tomato is too bulbous, then you might be interested in Oddbox.

The London-based company was founded six years ago by Emily Vanpoperinge and Deepak Ravindran, who came up with the idea after looking at a grocery counter in Portugal and wondering why the goods looked so different from the usual grocery displays in British supermarkets.

Their shaky vegetable delivery business has flourished and is now expanding into Scotland, with an open waiting list and deliveries in Edinburgh and Glasgow from March 30th.

Deepak and Emily Photo: Naomi Wood

Their specialty is “rescued” fruits and vegetables, products that supermarkets won’t accept and are salvaged from farms where they would otherwise go to waste.

These are not always oddly shaped items, as they also take on surplus goods that may have been rejected simply because they are seasonal and thriving.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Oddbox say they have already saved 25 tons of food and hope to increase that to 150 tons by 2025 as part of their expansion.

They chose the Scottish capital as one of their delivery destinations as the largest number of visitors to their site over the past year has been from Edinburgh. Part of this may be due to the fact that some of our other fruit and vegetable suppliers, such as East Coast Organics, temporarily oversubscribed during the lockdown.


“Expanding Oddbox in Scotland means expanding our community of people doing good for the planet and having a greater collective impact in the fight against food waste. We are giving the locals of Edinburgh and Glasgow a tool to easily change their daily lives,” Vanpoperinge says.

The concept is subscription based, so you pay weekly or biweekly for a choice of four box sizes that start at £10.99 for x-small. It contains five types of vegetables and two types of fruits, and they promise that asparagus, tender-stemmed broccoli, and beans may be coming soon.

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