September 17, 2021

Obtaining both vaccines for the corona virus reduces the risk of long-term colic by half.

A new study of millions of people in the UK has found that people who are completely Vaccinated It is unlikely that a long cove will be prepared against cove 19. In fact, having both shots reduces their chances of progress. Long COVID symptoms About 50% of those who have not been vaccinated at all.

The study, published in Lancet infectious diseases. This week, it included data from more than a million people in the UK who reported receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through an app. ( COVID Symbol Study App A collection of research institutes was designed, including Health Tech Company Zoo and King’s College London.

Of the 1.24 million people on the app who reported receiving a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, 6,030 (0.5%) developed a corona virus infection. And of the 971,500 people who reported taking the second dose, 2,370 (0.2) reported having COVID-19 at least seven days after their second shot. These participants were compared to similar control participants, who were unsafe people who used the app for at least two weeks and tested positive for COVID-19.

Their findings show that, compared to non-protective people who developed COVID-19, those who were fully vaccinated and developed breakthrough infections were more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19. Were less likely to experience five or more Corona virus symptoms, And after 28 days (long COVID) symptoms were less likely.

The researchers wrote, “We found that the difficulty of having symptoms 28 days or more after an infection after vaccination is reduced by almost half of two doses of the vaccine.” “This finding suggests that the risk of long-term covid is reduced in people who have received a double vaccination when the risk of infection is already documented and considered low.”

These and other studies confirm that breakthrough infections are generally rare in people who are fully vaccinated. And this research suggests that, even if someone develops one of these infections, they will likely have fewer symptoms and less severe symptoms than those who have been vaccinated. This study also shows that for people who develop a successful infection, vaccinating them can help them avoid the chronic symptoms of colic.

People who have long-lasting symptoms of Covid 19, sometimes called “Long Holler”, may experience a variety of problems, such as sleep or memory problems, as well as those who are in the acute phase of the infection. Feeling, such as fatigue and loss of smell or taste. And previous research has shown that long-term COVID symptoms are relatively common, even after a mild infection. Experts are still working to understand how common quads are and why some people develop the condition while others do not.

These results provide an important reminder that the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 and all its possible health consequences is to be vaccinated.

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