September 20, 2021

Now you can rent bridal dresses online.

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  • Online dress rental. It has never been so elegant (and sustainable) that the bridal industry is joining it. Wedding dress for rent. Money-saving brides are becoming increasingly popular, and now you can even rent bridal dresses to complete the lineup, between fashion rental platform By Rotation and London-based luxury bridal designer Halpney London. Thanks for the cooperation.

    Part of her ‘sister’ line, the collection consists of six styles in three special colors. Raspberries, sea greens and tails. The hero figure includes a clasp jump suit and Halpney’s signature fox reprint dress. Sizes UK 10-22, this collection is now available for rent. By
    Rotation app from £ 5 per day to 9 per day.

    This is a smart move to make a bride Wedding dress More affordable and accessible, as Rotation has booked a 900% increase in wedding rents during and after the lockdown, their choice of bridal and wedding attire has increased by 1,200% since March 2020.

    Ishita Cobra, CEO of By Rotation, says of the Davis launch: ‘We have a huge demand for wedding guests and bridal dresses, this partnership is a natural fit. I love Kate’s timeless designs and am delighted that we can offer a selection of such sizes. When we offer a huge selection of wedding guest pieces, this is the first time that our community will be able to rent the entire collection according to a whole bridal party, which
    Often an extra expense. ‘

    Kate Halpney, founder and designer of Halfpeny London, says: ‘Halfpeny is delighted to partner with London By Rotation to make a special edition of our sister collection available for rent. I am passionate about making dresses that are often worn and liked, for a wedding day, a special occasion, or just for a glamorous evening and I can’t wait for these pieces to be enjoyed by many women. Lift up Joining has always been the cornerstone of our brand and we are glad we can offer a variety of sizes in just three colors here.

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