September 23, 2021

North Lanarkshire Council leaders apologized for mixing nursery advice.

A nursery owner was given “contradictory” advice. Council Owner reopens childcare centers in lockdown

North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) leaders have been ordered to apologize for “providing vague and contradictory information” to the individual.

The owner, known only as CK, asked the local authority to charge for the critical care of children during infectious diseases. In routine work, they received funding from the Scottish Government to provide free services for a few hours.

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After being initially told that they should not be charged, they were later told that they could “in certain circumstances.” C felt it was contradictory and complained.

However, as they had earlier raised the issue of timing of financing, the NLC decided not to investigate the matter through state channels.

Unhappy, C took the complaint to a janitor who was found in his favor. The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman ruled that the advice was “sometimes contradictory” and that the council had failed to properly investigate the complaint.

Along with the apology, NLC chiefs have been ordered to provide “clear, consistent advice” and “acknowledge all complaints”.

“We have apologized to the nursery owner and made sure that the staff has received the latest training to ensure that it is a formal complaints procedure,” an NLC spokesman said.

A Watchdog decision said: “During the Cove 19 epidemic, child care providers were advised to close their businesses unless they were in critical care for key workers. Don’t provide.

C closed his business in the meantime.

“When arranging to reopen their business, C asked the council for advice on whether C could charge parents to care for important children.

The council told C that childcare should be free at the time of delivery and that parents should not be charged, however, they also suggested that C may charge in certain circumstances.

The council told C that they should use the funds received during the lockdown to spend when the nursery reopens.

“C felt that the advice he received contradicted the advice he had received from the Scottish Government.

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“We found that the advice given by the council was sometimes contradictory and did not comply with the guidelines issued by the Scottish Government.

“We also found that the council did not properly investigate when the complaint was made, or when the office asked them to do more.

“We have asked the NLC to apologize for providing vague and contradictory information to parents about their right to a fee, and for failing to properly investigate C’s complaint when it was initially granted. And when asked to do so. ”

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