October 18, 2021

No time to die: Where were the filming locations in Scotland?

Tonight will see the highly anticipated premiere of the new James Bond. the film No time to die, after a delay of more than a year due to epidemics.

The film will be released in UK cinemas on Thursday, following a star-studded ceremony in London this evening.

Members of the royal family will attend the premiere tonight at the Royal Albert Hall, and will be joined in the auditorium by healthcare workers and members of the armed forces.

Cast members Rami Malik (below), Lee Sedoux and Lishna Lynch will walk the red carpet, while screenwriters Phoebe Waller Bridge, Neil Porios and Robert Wade, and singer Bailey Elish and his musician brother Phenias O’Connell, who are in attendance ۔ New Bond Theme Song Written, Also Participating.

Glasgow Times:

The 25th episode of the series marks the last time Daniel Craig plays Tytler.

Prior to the release, Craig shared his experience filming No Time to Die. Scotland. It follows the previous Bond film, Skyfall (2012), which includes a lot of filming in the country – because Bond’s family home is in Glenn.

“I love Scotland and I’m going back and filming,” Craig said.

“We were in the studio for months and then we left. [to Glen Coe] And the place – it was such a relaxing time and that’s it. [film], Although we were driving in the fields at 90 miles per hour and cars and things were colliding.

“It was a beautiful place.”

Here are four must-see places to visit – and the ones that are worth seeing.


Glasgow Times:

Back in July 2019, No Time to Die was shot in the town of Avimore. It is believed that this was to chase the car mentioned in the previous interview.

During filming, the photos show hundreds of makeshift rooms set up in a car park in the city to accommodate the many crews involved in the mass production.

Avimore is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to spectacular landscapes, including mountains, lochs and ancient forests. Its snow sports is also a big draw, while there are several independent shops and food outlets.

Karen Gormes National Park.

Glasgow Times:

The town of Avimore is located inside the beautiful Karen Gormes National Park – the largest in the UK.

The thrilling view of Craig passes through this beautiful park, which covers more than 4,500 km.

Karen Gormez is popular with people looking for an active vacation, thanks to her hiking trails, biking trails and nature reserves اگر although we doubt she’s very prominent in the action-packed car scene. Will

Ardurki Estate.


This historic manor is, surprisingly, also considered a car chase. Viewers can identify the state with the Monarch of the Glenn, in which it was called the Glenn Bogle.

The 19th-century building is located on the shores of Loch Laggan in the Highlands, and there are several self-catering cottages on site for those looking for the remote.

It is a popular place to see wildlife, as Ardurki is one of Scotland’s oldest deer forests.

According to the state’s website, people are welcome to walk on the state’s thumb, and can park in the lobby on the A86. In terms of accommodation, holiday homes sleep from three to 13 people at a price of approx. £ 800 per week.

لوچ لگگن۔

He is also expected to appear in Loch Laggan’s No Time to Die Car Chase. The Highland Freshwater Reservoir covers an area of ​​about 5,535 acres and is a popular destination for walking and cycling. It is also the largest freshwater beach in Scotland for them. planning Already next summer vacation

Located 10 km from the village of Loch Laggan, famous for its whiskey distillery.

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