October 27, 2021

Nine football stars will complete the London Marathon before Sunday’s race, including Michael Owen and Dwight York.

The London Marathon takes place on Sunday, with an incredible 100,000 runners preparing to push themselves to the limit in the annual event.

People from all walks of life run every year … and footballers are no exception.

One lakh people are expected to participate in the London Marathon this year.


One lakh people are expected to participate in the London Marathon this year.Credit: Getty

Premier League winners Michael Owen and Dwight Yorke are among those who have changed their roots in exchange for a pair of running shoes.

Here, Sunsport remembers the footballers’ nine London marathon efforts and discover who was the fastest in the capital.



Credit: Getty

MUZZY IZZET is famous for touring Leicester City’s midfield during the late nineties and early nineties.

But the former Turkish international is also a successful runner, completing the 2011 London Marathon in three hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds.

Speaking after his tour, Eisen said: “I was very happy with things. The last five or six miles were probably the hardest thing I ever had to do.”

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Dwight York


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In the 2011 edition, Dwight York was just behind the funniest, posting three hours, 31 minutes and 56 seconds.

Manchester United’s 2011 medal is definitely with its Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup titles.

Significantly, it is believed that York went out only one night. Hours After completing the race … instead of me!

Gary Speed


Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Late Premier League hero Gary Speed ​​was one of the best midfielders of his generation – so it’s no surprise that he won the 2010 race.

The former Leeds, Everton, Newcastle, Bolton and Sheffield United star crossed the line in three hours, 49 minutes and 22 seconds.

Speed ​​Sir was raising money for the Bobby Robson Foundation, which was established in March 2008 in memory of the legendary England manager.

Steve Pot


Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

West Ham legend Steve Potts broke the 2008 London Marathon in four hours, four minutes and seven seconds.

Potts, who has scored once in 505 appearances for the Hammers, was raising money for a children’s leukemia charity.

He told the press before the race: “I’m not saying I’m in good shape, to be honest … but I’m looking forward to it.”

Chris Perry


Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

Slower than Potts was former boyfriend regular Chris Perry, who crossed the line in 2011 in four hours, five minutes and nine seconds.

The defender enjoyed long playing careers at Wimbledon, Tottenham, Charlton, West Brom, Luton and Southampton.

Perry has actually completed the London Marathon. Six times – According to Marathon View – Fundraising for the MND Association.

The sign is bright.


Credit: Reuters

Another London marathon is regular Crystal Palace legend Mark Bright, who in 2007 posted a time of four hours, 55 minutes and 17 seconds.

He continues to compete in the long distance and will take part in the palace marathon march later this month.

He told Club website: “This is a very pleasant and rewarding day for everyone associated with the club. It makes you proud to be a palace!”

Michael Owen


Credit: Simon Jones – The Sun.

England legend Michael Owen is one of the fastest strikers to favor Prem.

The former Liverpool S posted a time of three hours, 45 minutes and 43 seconds, although long distance running cannot be matched by sprinting.

He said at the time: “The training I’ve given all my life is speed and strength, so it was a real challenge to do that kind of training.”

Kevin Cabin


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Kevin Calbin, who beat Owen for speed in the London Marathon, crossed the line in 2013 in three hours, 14 minutes and 44 seconds.

It is difficult to consider the longevity of the former Prem Star on the pitch, who has made more than 700 professional appearances.

Caleb said. Runner’s world. In 2015: “I’ve played in front of crowded stadiums before, but the crowds in London were different.”

Christian Daily


Credit: PA: Press Association

The fastest footballer to run the London Marathon is Christian Daily, who crossed the line in 2013 in three hours, six minutes and 26 seconds.

The former Scotland international is known for his spells in Blackburn, West Ham, Rangers and Charlton.

The Daily said before his race: “I’ve been to the London Marathon many times. It’s a wonderful event, with a wonderful atmosphere.”

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