October 20, 2021

Nikita broke down when she returned to the show after leaving the dinner party.

At first glance, Nikita is ready to return to the show after she gets angry during tonight’s episode.

The lingerie model lost her rag with one of her fellow stars, which led to her being taken out and announced that she had ‘left’ – but these are not the last fans to see her on the show.

She will return to the show last night, bursting into tears when experts analyzed her relationship with the ant after a fight with Jordan.

Nikita, 27, can be heard shouting that she had already considered leaving the show as the other couple discussed their happy marriage.

“It drove me crazy like ***,” she screamed at the table. “Don’t talk to me like a little thing.”

“I’m leaving the F *** inning show, I’m leaving anyway.

Jordan, meanwhile, has called for a “wife exchange” after his honeymoon with Alexis went awry.

“If a wife exchange is available now, count me,” he told the cameras

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  • Necta set after getting out of the storm at the dinner party

    Nikita Jasmine, who is married on FirstSite, will return to the episode of last night’s show.

    After her outburst in Jordan, fans will be shocked to see the lingering model return to the show, after which the star exclaimed, “I quit!” Slogans.

    She will return tomorrow, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

  • Fans will move with the predicted Alexis Ant.

    After today’s episode of MAFS, fans think that they will soon be in love with Alexis leaving her husband Jordan for an ant.

    Things got hot at dinner when the ant flirted with the model when his wife, Nikita, walked out after a line with Jordan.

  • Fan brand sorry “better than the island”

    At first glance, wedding fans find the E4 show more entertaining than ITV2’s Leo Island.

    One fan wrote, “I’m sorry but. First married sight The island is better than love. This season is giving. Continuous entertainment. # Louisland #Maps #MarriedAtFirstSightUK“.

    I don’t blame them for all the dramas this year compared to the Drug Fest, this was Leo Island’s season!

    At first glance, the wedding is a roller coaster ride.
    At first glance, the wedding is a roller coaster ride.
  • Fans show displays in the treatment of spores on the show.

    Fans were outraged at how some partners were treating their new spouse.

    A Twitter user wrote:

    “Okay, but the way most of these married girls are treating boys horribly in the UK at first sight.”

    Another wrote about his hatred of Nikita Jasmine: “Anyone who looks married at first glance?

    Fans are unhappy with Nikita's behavior on the show.
    Fans are unhappy with Nikita’s behavior on the show.
  • Behind Alexi and Ant Nikita!

    I feel bad for Jordan but it’s nice to see Alexis and Ant being so good.

    The joke about this type of ant being “green eyed” was defo flority !!

    “I did not find any wave of love in the bloody Maldives but I must have found them in Britain, and if I find them I will ride them!” Alexis said.

  • People think he’s got one.

    Experts thought Morag and Luke might be a bit of a slow burner, but Luke called it ‘one’.

    They are getting great too!

  • Daniel and Matt fail to attend dinner – but they’re still together!

    Dean and Matt explained that they could not attend dinner for some unknown reason – but they will be back!

    He even called himself “Smitten kittens”, ADORBS.

  • Daniel Calles Morg.

    It has an announcement …

  • Nikita stopped the storm as Jordan accepted the group.

    Jordan seems quite real, especially considering what happened.

    I’m glad he apologized to the group.

  • Jordan tells Nikita to speak English.

    Jordan has a point, the sentence he utters is full of excuses and this is not his fight.

    Even Alexis is defending her partner … Come on Nikita.

  • Fans dislike Nikita’s actions.

    Nikita definitely changes fast, doesn’t she?

    His anger was a little too much, especially when it wasn’t his fight.

    One fan wrote, “Nikita Az Marriage at first sight Honestly, there is something else, the devilish attitude is shameful. “

  • Nikita kicks in at dinner.

    Nikita’s shouting at YIKES Jordan was very painful.

    Calling it “Welsh ****” certainly didn’t help …

  • Nikita bothers Jordan for answers.

    I have a lot of respect for Nikita because she supports her daughter Alexis, loves Girl Power, even if her place is wrong.

    She is investigating Jordan’s honeymoon and marriage.

    Nikita asked straight up “Is Alexis your swear … I think you’re punching”

    Maybe more for Nikita than I think.

  • BOBS Complaints Fall Flat.

    Bob is so cute isn’t he? I like when he calls the beautiful Megan “the hottest girl here.”

    Poor Megan looks embarrassed and bored playing with her food, “She’s like a baby.”

    Bob plays with his food.
    Bob plays with his food.

    Adam, meanwhile, looks ugly, calls himself “lucky” and Morg explains that his mother is scared of Luke.

    At least they look happy!

  • Nikita spoke about the partners’ backs

    Nikita tells everyone to support their spouse – but I’m not buying it.

    Sounds like a warning to the ant to keep quiet …

  • Dan and Matt are no show?

    Where are the new couple Dan and Matt?

    Have they left the show?

  • What kind of Megan Jordan?

    Did Alexis just say that Megan was the type of her band?


    Meanwhile, Bob is worried that he doesn’t look like Megan.

  • Jordan commented on Nikita’s banter

    All Jordan said was that Nikita was beautiful … “And then she opened her mouth.”

    Looks like the dirty side of it is visible to everyone, it really needs to relax and give the ant a break!

  • Jordan and Alexis refuse to hold hands.

    Morag was one of the many newlyweds on the show who noticed that Alexis was not happy.

    They walk with Jordan as “two men.”

    No one held hands …

  • Fans comment on the couple’s policy

    Fans have been tweeting about the significant differences between each couple on the show during the AD break.

    “Married at first glance … so annoyingly toxic healthy in seconds,” wrote one fan.

    I think they are talking about how happy Tahiha and Adam Ant and his wife Nikita look compared to the ‘joke’.

  • Megan Bursts in tears during dinner.

    Megan has just told her fellow stars that she is not happy and burst into tears.

    I feel bad for her, she is clearly struggling in her relationship with Bob – who has shed tears in confession – but at least she is willing to try.

  • Nikita’s Embracing Dinner Comment

    Nikita’s comment about not being attracted to the ant and “there were any bad boys here” was so poisonous.

    There is a fine line between rudeness and rudeness.

  • Who’s getting warmer and warmer in the bedroom?

    Megan asks Amy if she and Josh are having sex, to which she replies – “A woman never tells” …!

  • Taya and Adam fall in love at dinner.

    The pair have already exchanged “I love you” and they look so cute on the couch!

    Liked Luke and Taha.
    Liked Luke and Taha.

  • Megan Years made her feel about Bob.

    Bob is sleeping on the couch and Megan agrees with Taha’s comment that they are still friends.

    Megan is also avoiding everyone’s questions.

    How long will they stay …

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