October 20, 2021

Nigeria delays central bank-backed e-Naira digital currency


Nigeria’s central bank says Nigeria has delayed the launch of its eNaira digital currency, which was launched on Friday, due to the country’s Independence Day celebrations.

Africa’s largest economy. Was set to follow. China And other central bank-backed digital currencies as it seems. Tap on the popularity of crypto and virtual money..

A CBN spokesperson said in a statement on the bank’s Facebook page, “The unveiling of the plan has been postponed to October 1, 2021 due to other important activities organized to mark the country’s 61st Independence Day. “

“CBN and other partners were working around the clock to ensure uninterrupted operation for the overall benefit of the customer.”

The statement did not specify when E-Naira would be formally launched. Central bank officials did not immediately return calls seeking clarification on the new date.

Nigeria has seen a rise in corrupt currencies as people look for ways to escape. Naira’s weak currency And tackle rising costs and unemployment in Africa’s most populous country.



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