September 18, 2021

Nicola Sturgeon’s government calls former SNPMSP ‘Court of Queen Neck’ as record high since 27 ministers are transferred

Nicola Sturgeon’s government has been called the “Queen’s Court” – because of its record of 27 ministers.

Former SNP bigwig Kenny McAskel described how MSPs paid titles and higher salaries, the highest since the 1999 split.

Kenny McSkill has called the Scottish Government a


Kenny McSkill has called the Scottish Government a “Court of Queen Neck.”

And he claimed that it was hindering progress towards independence and meeting priority policy goals.

Mr Scully, MP from Alabama, said the Scottish government’s ministerial team, despite its limited powers, had a larger proportion of MPs than Norway or Ireland.

He said: “We are looking at the court of Queen Naik, which has a number of ministers, the highest level ever in the history of deviation.

Under this government, progress on independence has stalled despite a fresh mandate for a referendum in parliament. Transfer of management has become a priority.

“The Scottish Government has got limited additional powers, especially on social security – powers that have yet to be fully implemented.

“None of this can justify an increase in the size of the ministerial team, and certainly not with regard to independent Ireland and Norway.”

He added: “The Scottish Government’s success in advancing independence as well as addressing challenges in health, education, transport and employment is in stark contrast to the number of ministers appointed.”

Former Secretary of State Justice McSkill split from Alex Salmond’s party in March.

The blast came a week after the prime minister appointed Greens co-leaders Patrick Harvey and Lorna Slater as part of a power-sharing deal in his government that gave them a pro-India majority.

Out of a total of 129 MSPs, 10 are cabinet ministers, including Ms. Sturgeon, and 17 junior ministers.

Norway has 20 ministers out of 169 members, while Ireland has 35 out of 160 – 22 per cent compared to Scotland’s 27 per cent.

There is no justice

Mr McSkill pointed out that these independent states have powers over foreign affairs, defense and international development – all handed over to Westminster.

And he said the Scottish government had not updated its indie “white paper”.

When an MSP minister is appointed, his salary increases from Rs 64,470 to Rs 30,351 while the Cabinet Secretary increases his salary from Rs 48,449 to Rs 2,112,919.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The Ministers are committed to using the powers of Parliament to create a greener, better Scotland.”

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