Nick Showring of The Apprentice hits back at fan theory that he was a “producer” by insisting the show is NOT FIXED

NICK Showing reacted to The Apprentice’s claims of a “fix” after fans accused him of being a “factory producer”.

The 31-year-old liquor salesman was fired last night despite audiences thinking he made it to the final.


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Nick Shawring Is The Latest Candidate To Be Fired


Nick Shawring is the latest candidate to be fired
He Failed To Impress Lord Sugar During His Assignment At Silverstone.


He failed to impress Lord Sugar during his assignment at Silverstone.

Lord Sugar said he failed to impress on the show, but home fans strongly disagreed.

They started rumors that he was an undercover comedian on the show, but now he insists he wasn’t.

Nick addressed the rumors and said, “I don’t know if this is a diss or a compliment, but I’m kind of a compliment.

“Lord Sugar has no third mate.

“It’s a shock, since I would never call myself a funny person.

“I remember in the statement I said that I was not so funny, but quite cheerful.

“It was actually a huge compliment that people seem to enjoy watching me. It was quite nice to know that.”

Nick was dragged back into the boardroom with the entire losing team.
also consists of Stephanie, Katherine and Akshay.

Events Manager and Team Leader Stephanie has been heavily criticized for trying to host a race-themed corporate road trip at Silverstone.

Akshay and Nick, who were in charge of hospitality in the sub-team,
failed to deliver sumptuous food.

Nick said: “When we lost the mission, I thought, ‘OK, I’m in a bit of a problem, because in the previous episode, in the capsule, I almost hit the wrong end of a double shot.’

“And then I knew that if I didn’t win the next challenge, I might be in big trouble.”

“I was going to nominate myself as prime minister but Steph was obviously in hospitality so I couldn’t go for it. So I can only hope that we won.”

He continued, “When we lost. I thought, “Well, I screwed up a bit in the kitchen. I’m really late with dinner. in real trouble.”

Nick’s intuition was correct, and the 74-year-old Lord Sugar showed him the sharp tip of his tongue before pointing at him with a fearsome fire finger.

But Nick revealed that the billionaire also has a softer side that viewers won’t see on the show.

He said: “There was a moment in Cornwall when I was trading in the market and I was on fire selling tacos.

“Then in the boardroom, Lord Sugar actually when we left because we won, he kind of stopped us and mentioned me in front of everyone.

“He said, ‘Nick, right before you leave, I mean, well done in Cornwall, I heard you were fantastic, well done.’

Nick Was Lucky Enough To Escape In The Boardroom Last Week, But Was Sent Packing On Yesterday'S Episode.


Nick was lucky enough to escape in the boardroom last week, but was sent packing on yesterday’s episode.

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