September 20, 2021

Nicaragua launched legal action against Ortega opponents before the election.


Nicaraguan officials said Friday they would prosecute three arrested presidential candidates for treason, a day after they said presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro would be tried for money laundering.

The court announcement comes 66 days in advance. NicaraguaPresidential election in which the President. Daniel Ortega. He will hold office for the fourth term.

The court also ruled that three opposition figures – Felix Maradiaga, Arturo Cruz and Juan Sebastian Chamorro – would remain in custody. No date has been set for the trial.

Christina Chamorro, 67, has been under house arrest since June 2, when prosecutors launched an investigation into the laundering of goods and assets through a 20-year-old foundation. His mother is former President Violetta Bereus de Chamorro.

Friday’s announcement came during the second day of hearings against 34 opponents of the government, including three presidential candidates.

Six other opposition figures will also be prosecuted, including business leader Jose Aguirre, three former Sandinista guerrilla leaders and Ortega associates, an environmental and rights activist and pro-democracy activist.

The hearing took place in a police jail called El Chipot. Relatives and the media were not allowed to follow suit.

Ortega, 75, claims the United States is backing its political opponents in an attempt to oust him.

In early June, police arrested several government critics on charges including “undermining national sovereignty” and “inciting foreign intervention.”

Ortega was the leader of the Central American country from 1979 to 1990, then returned to power in 2007.



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