September 17, 2021

NI100: Centenary Benches Requested on Middle and Eastern Antrim War Memorials

The NI Centenary Committee has asked for a bench at Balimina War Memorial Park.

The Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band has requested a bench for the Marine Gardens adjacent to the town’s war memorial, and the Claiglin Cultural Group has requested a bench in Lauren’s War Memorial Gardens.

All groups have to buy the benches themselves and take care of them for the next 10 years and remove them if they go bad.

A request has been made to install a 100-year-old bench in Kirkfargis Marine Garden.

The Central and Eastern Antrim Council has already agreed to place memorial stones in three of Borough’s major cities and a paving stone in each village to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland.

Benside TV Councilor Timothy Gaston, who made the proposal, called it “a great way to clearly mark milestones across the city.”

Carrickfergus DUP Cllr Cheryl Brownlee said providing monuments throughout the city would be a “positive and lasting legacy.”

“Not everyone in Northern Ireland or Central and Eastern Antarctica will be able to celebrate the centenary, but obviously want something,” commented Larne Lowe’s Alliance Danny Donnelly.

He acknowledged that 100 years was “an important time and a time to mark.”

A new sports pavilion on Lauren’s Tower Road has been renamed the Sandy Bay Centenary Pavilion and Brad Ulster Unionist Elderman Robin Cherry MBE, proposed by Mid and East Antarct Mayor Keller William McKagi. Sports pavilion.

The decision will be made at the council meeting on Monday evening.

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter.

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