September 18, 2021

NHS Lanarkshire’s Covid 19 vaccination program moves to new premises.

NHS Lanarkshire’s Covid 19 vaccination program is moving to a new campus next week.

With the Ravensgrag Regional Sports Facility and continued use of the Fernhall Community Center, the majority of sites are new.

Dr. Mark Russell, Lead of the COVD 19 Vaccination Program in Lanarkshire, said: “We are working with North and South Lanarkshire Councils to identify suitable locations for the next phase of the COVD 19 vaccination program.

“We had to balance these places with other criteria used to identify places that were returned to their normal use.”

New sites:

  • Ardery Town Hall, Ardery.
  • Fernhall Community Center, Rather Glenn.
  • Bradfoot Retail Park, Lanark (with satellite location TBC) St. Nicholas Church Hall will be used for the first few weeks until the new site is ready
  • Link Community Center, Cumberland.
  • Ballerp Hall, East Kill Bride.
  • Banqueting Hall, South Lanarkshire. Council Headquarters, Hamilton.
  • Raven Scrig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell.

From Monday, August 30 to Thursday, September 2, no vaccination clinic will be able to run to help new sites.

The clinic will reopen tomorrow, Friday, September 3, in Lanark.

The rest of the sites will open on Saturday, September 4

Dr Russell added: “We would like to thank all those who have participated in their Covid 19 vaccination so far and hope that people will continue to attend for their first and second doses.

“People will now start receiving appointments for these new locations. These new sites will also be used to deliver flu vaccines this year and will be published as more information about the program becomes available.”

Information is available for all Covid 19 vaccination drop-in clinics. NHS Lanarkshire website.

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