September 18, 2021

New York enforces the Quaid Pass after the virus returned to Wuhan, China.

New York announced on Tuesday the introduction of de facto vaccine passes for some public places, as China’s Wuhan said it would test all 11 million people when the corona virus returned to where it first appeared. Came to the fore.

Meanwhile, half of the EU’s population is now fully vaccinated against COVID 19, an AFP statistic showed on Tuesday that the bloc is well ahead of the United States.

Wuhan, China.
It has long been believed to have beaten the epidemic, forcing cities across China to reintroduce lockdowns and begin mass screening of millions of people. Photo: AFP / STR

Highly contagious Delta variants have led to an increase in infections around the world, including in places that have claimed success in controlling the worst epidemics.

New York City will require proof of vaccination for those attending indoor locations such as restaurants, gyms and shows, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday, becoming the first major U.S. city to introduce the vaccine pass.

“If you’ve been vaccinated … you have the key, you can open the door,” de Blasio told a news conference.

With a resurgence of corona virus cases in the United States, de Blasio said a health pass called “Key to NYC” would be launched on August 16, a month after it went into effect. There will be a pre-transfer period.

“It’s time for people to really consider vaccination necessary to live a good, complete and healthy life,” de Blasio said.

Covid-19 vaccine
Some countries are considering rolling out booster shots, which some pharmaceutical manufacturers have suggested could boost immunity against more infectious forms of the virus. Photo: AFP / Hint S. Kodikara

The United States on Monday targeted President Joe Biden’s goal of managing 70 percent of adults with a one-month delay.

Officials blamed falling vaccine prices for the missed deadline as well as rising case loads.

US Airport
The United States is increasingly admitting patients due to delays in vaccination rates, Photo: AFP / Kina Betanak

“These cases are concentrated in low-vaccination communities,” White House Co-ordinator Task Force Coordinator Jeff Zentus told reporters.

In the silver lining, the United States says those previously lagging behind are being caught late, according to the latest vaccination data.

And the United States has said it has distributed more than 100 million doses of the Covid 19 vaccine abroad.

The White House said the announcement was “just the beginning” of US efforts to help fight global epidemics, which have claimed more than 4.2 million lives worldwide.

China, which brought domestic affairs to zero after the first outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan in December 2019, has had its record jeopardized by Delta.

August Cowade 19 cases
The graphic highlights twenty countries, with 19 cases and a large number of deaths. Photo: AFP / Lawrence CHU

The rapidly spreading version of the infection among airport cleaners in Nanjing has reached dozens of cities, giving rise to a series of reported cases across the country.

After Wuhan reported its first local infection in more than a year, authorities said they were launching a large-scale testing program for all 11 million residents.

Mao, a 27-year-old Wuhan resident, told AFP he was “not worried” about the new outbreak because “Wuhan has accumulated a lot of experience after a severe lockdown at the beginning of the epidemic.”

Across China, authorities have confined millions of city dwellers to their homes, cut off domestic transport links and launched a major crackdown in recent days.

Elsewhere, Morocco and France were among the countries that announced tougher sanctions in the wake of the coup.

Morocco has extended its curfew and extended travel bans on Agadir, Casa Blanca and Morocco to slow the growing corona virus.

In France, the Feinstein area of ​​Brittany ordered people to cover their mouths and noses on Monday when authorities said cases had quadrupled between June 30 and July 30.

Strongly affected by the early outbreaks of epidemics and struggling to get vaccinated early, the European Union has now fully vaccinated more than 50% of its population.

Spain tops the EU with 58.3 percent of the population, followed by Italy at 54.4 percent, France at 52.9 percent and Germany at 52.2 percent, according to AFP.

The European Union has now approved the US vaccination rate, which is 49.7%.

In Australia, where only 15% of the 25 million population is fully vaccinated, authorities are relying on lockdowns to prevent Delta outbreaks, with 3,600 cases recorded since mid-June. Are

Millions of people are still stranded in the country, and troops took to the streets of Sydney and surrounding areas on Monday, entering the sixth week of a lockdown that will last until the end of August.

Australian airline Qantas said it would send 2,500 unpaid workers home for two months from mid-August, as lockdown eliminates demand for flights.

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