September 17, 2021

New quads are expected to be added as millions of unsafe school children return to class this week.

It is feared that the millions of unsafe students returning to school will lead to a new coup.

The government has been warned to plan such an incident and the increase in coveted cases in Scotland has already been partially attributed to schools returning this month.

A teaching union has said that students should wear face veils at the beginning of the term.


A teaching union has said that students should wear face veils at the beginning of the term.Credit: PA

Pupils begin returning to school in Leicestershire this week, with most students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland returning to class in the next fortnight.

More than 7.3 million quad tests will be performed on children in the coming days.

Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Courts Union, said the current security requirements were “not enough” to stop the increase in cases.

“Nothing has been done to prepare for the possibility of a large number of cases, which greatly disrupts education because children and staff have to be isolated because they are positive – or stay away because their Covid symptoms are more common. ” Said.

He said a return to normal at the start of the new school year was out of the question as a large number of unsafe students would gather.

Mr Courtney called on Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to cover his face from the start of the term.

“To prevent a rapid increase in cases, watchdogs must have ventilation, air filtration, masks, vaccines and vigilance.

“Gavin Williamson needs to help schools cover their faces from day one, where possible with social distance, and pay special attention to weak staff.

“The danger is not that schools and colleges will slow down, but that is the government.”

Mr Williamson himself said parents should take responsibility for preventing their children from being “taken away”.

“Eventually, we will see children free to chase football, sing in the choir or hang out with friends,” he wrote in the Daily Mail.

“It’s important not to move away from these new freedoms and be careful with the wind.”

In a newly published document by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on modeling, Operational Subgroup (SPI-MO), experts said that the rollout of the vaccine would “make almost no difference” to many students.

Currently only 12- to 15-year-olds who are at greater risk than coyotes or who live with people at risk are eligible for the job.

“There is a strong possibility that by the end of September 2021, there will be more expansion in schools,” the document said.

“It may reflect transmission within the community or school, and the role of schools in wider transmission is uncertain.

“Regardless, it would be wise for the government to plan for this event.”

Millions of tests will be performed in the coming days.


Millions of tests will be performed in the coming days.Credit: PA

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