October 18, 2021

New Caledonia launches health emergency, lockdown after new cowardly cases.


New Caledonia has declared a new state of health emergency, just a day after a new Corona virus lockdown began. Officials say three new cases have been confirmed in the French Pacific region, which have been declared “quaid-free”.

Officials said the state of emergency was in place until November 15 after a parliamentary decision on Tuesday evening, and the Senate would ratify it on Thursday.

This is in line with the measures taken for all outlying areas that are subject to increase. Covid-19 Pressure on local hospitals

The cabinet ministers wrote in their summary of New Caledonia, “Many cases of Covid 19 have been found in people who have not traveled outside the region in the past few weeks, and there is no connection between them.”

Local authorities imposed strict travel bans on the onset of the epidemic in 2020 to prevent an epidemic that could engulf the island’s hospitals.

Previously, only 202 positive covid 19 cases were recorded in a population of approximately 290,000, and no deaths occurred.

the latest Local government statistics Show that since September 6, 2021, 66 cases have been reported and 7 patients are in intensive care.

Many people are worried that the situation will get worse, as it has. French Polynesia, An island with the same population.

Vaccine hesitation.

the aim. Vaccinated The reluctance of the local Kankan population means that many people remain vulnerable.

Currently only 30% of the population has been vaccinated, while 73% have at least one dose for France.

The government announced last week that vaccination would now be mandatory for all adults.

“The virus is spreading and dozens of Caledonia are likely to be infected now,” said Luis Mapo, president of the region.

Schools and universities will be closed for the next 15 days, and fee masks will be required outside.


People can only go out for work or essential tasks such as medical trips, or for a maximum of one hour of play within a kilometer of their homes.

In addition to inbound and outbound flights from the area, intra-island flights are also suspended indefinitely except for medical personnel.

Someone is already arriving. New Caledonia Residences required by the government have to be quarantined for 15 days – a rule that barred President Emmanuel Macron from visiting nearby French Polynesia in July.

(With AFP)


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