October 25, 2021

Netflix: Crown sweeps the floor at this year’s Emmy Awards.

Netflix Drama The Crown topped the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards last night.

The royal drama also won a great series, while its four stars also won awards for their acting.

Netflix has developed brilliantly. Royal show Asked for the fourth time, he won a great drama series, while his four stars also heard his name. Olivia Coleman, Josh O’Connor, Gillian Anderson and Tobias Menzies all won home awards for their outstanding performances.

Olivia Coleman won Best Actress in a Drama, delivering a memorable acceptance speech, shedding tears over her late father.

Josh O’Connor won the Outstanding Drama Actor, paying tribute to Emma Corinne and calling her the “Power of Nature” for portraying the Princess of Wales.

The Crown’s supporting stars also won, with Gillian Anderson and Tobias Menes recognized for their roles as Margaret Thatcher and Duke of Edinburgh, respectively.

Coleman, who will be the Queen in the next fifth season of Amelda Stunton’s The Crown, said: “What a beautiful ending to this extraordinary journey with this beautiful family. I loved every second of it and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I wish my father was here to see it.

“I lost my dad during the Cowboys and he loved it.”

Taj also won awards for his writing and directing.

A night of British success.

It was a night of success for British actors and dramas. Kate Winslet won in a competitive category – a lead actress in a limited or anthology series or film.

The star was best known for her role as a small-town detective in the Mari of East Town, one of the most talked about dramas of the year.

Accepting her award, Winslet said the decade should be about “women’s backsliding.”

Netflix also won home awards for the chess drama The Queen’s Bandit.

And in the comedy categories, Ted Lasso was the big winner, crowned the best comedy series.

However, Ted Lasso did not have comedy categories.

HBO’s Hex won three awards, veteran star Jane Smart won a stellar performance in a comedy series.

The 70-year-old was identified as a Las Vegas comedian.

While standing, Smart stood up and offered condolences. Stage.

Hex also won for his writing and directing.

Scottish actor Avon McGregor won as a prominent actor in a limited series. Fashion Designer in Halston

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