September 23, 2021

Netflix announces new TV series and movies in September.

Thanks Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now. TelevisionWhen it comes to watching TV series and movies, we are spoiled for choice.

And even with the easing of lockdown restrictions, many of us like to sit in front of the TV and watch our favorite shows.

Thankfully, D-Netflix has us covered. The streaming giant has released a whole host of new shows and. Movies For September, there is more to come throughout the month.

Here is a full list of new Netflix content for September, including TV shows, Netflix Origins, movies and documentaries.

(N * = Netflix Original):

New for Netflix in September.

September 1

  • Battlefield Behemoths: A History of Tanks – World Wars (Season 1) – Military documents look at how tanks changed the war.
  • Brave Animated Series (Season 1) – Adult animation series about superheroes who get rid of the world of evil.
  • Cemetery Junction (2010) – British comedy set in the 1970s starring Felicity Jones.
  • Chicago Fire (Multiple Seasons) – The NBC series was founded in Chicago by Dick Wolf.
  • Chicago Mad (Multiple Seasons) – The NBC series set in Chicago with Dick Wolf.
  • Click (Season 1-2) – BBC drama thriller series created by Jess Britten.
  • Exit Wounds (2001) – An action thriller featuring Steven Siegel and DMX about a thoughtful police officer who falls into the trap of a corrupt police force.
  • Herald and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) – John Chou and Call Pan star in this friendly comedy.
  • How to be a shepherd
  • Headquarters Barbers (Season 1) – Nalliwood Comedy Series.
  • Kid E Cats (Season 2) – Children’s animated series.
  • Koroko Basketball (Season 3) – Anime series after the Taco Middle School Basketball Team.
  • Lego Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum (Limited Series) – Animated Lego Series.
  • Mrs Wilson (Money Series) – The BBC’s limited series about a grieving widow who discovered her husband lived a life of lies.
  • My Summer Prince (2016) – Hall Mark Family Room – Work.
  • Old School (2003) – Ensemble comedy starring Vince Vaughan, Steve Carroll, Will Ferrell, and Luke Wilson.
  • Rush Hour (1998) – Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s team in this classic comedy.
  • Shameless (American) (Season 10) – The tenth season of the American adaptation of Channel 4 comedy.
  • Shot Collar (2017) – Crime Game of Thrones thriller Nicolas Coaster Waldao.
  • Something to Give (2003) – Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton room work.
  • The Bang Bang Club (2010) – Ryan Philip biopic on four war photographers.
  • The Guns of Newark (1961) – A classic war film about a team of Allied terrorists destined to infiltrate a Nazi-occupied island.
  • The Iron Giant (1999) – Brad Bird’s classic animated film about a young boy who befriends a giant robot.

September 2

  • Party After Life (2021) N – Victoria Justice is a star in this comedy about a girl who gets a second chance to correct her mistakes after death.
  • Here and there – Filipino drama.
  • Cue Force (Season 1) N-Gary Cole, Sean Hayes, Patty Harrison and David Harbor voiced various members of the LGBTQ-focused secret agent organization.
  • The Guardian – A backup singer who thrived as a lead singer in a thrilling band but suffered from supernatural horrors.

When is the new season of MiniHest on Netflix?

September 3

  • Diving Club (Season 1) N-Australian Live Action Children’s Series is about a group of young people searching for underwater mysteries.
  • Miniheast (Season 5-Part 1) N- The return of the Spanish cult hit for the first half of the last season of the two-part.
  • Pentagram (2019) – A British horror film about a group of teenagers who have to stay up at night after being trapped in Pentagram.
  • Shark Dog (Season 1) N-Viacom Children’s animated series from CBS Digital Studios about a boy and his half dog and half shark pet.
  • Capable (2021) N – A political biopic on the true story of a lawyer who fought a difficult battle to bring justice to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

September 5

  • Tour Your Heart (Season 1) – Korean drama series.

September 6

  • Countdown: Inspiration 4 Mission to Space (Seasons 1 – Episode 1 and 2) N-Docsries that cover SpaceX’s human-powered space flight from the team behind ESPN and Netflix’s The List Dance Have been
  • Shadow Parties (2021) – Nali Wood Thriller.
  • Tao the Little Bus (Season 4) – Children’s animated series.

September 7

  • Kid Cosmic (Season 2) N – The return of the stylish children’s animated series about a young boy with superpowers. Also updated for season 3.
  • Octonauts: Up and Beyond (Season 1) A new spin-off of the N-Kids animated series.
  • Untold Breaking Point (2021) N – Sports documentary about American tennis player Mardi Gras.

September 8

  • At night (Season 2) N-Sci-Fi Belgium series in which the plane has to be placed ahead of the deadly rays of the sun.
  • JJ + E / Vinterviken 2021 (2021) – A romantic drama in which two young people live together in the same city but live very different lives.

September 9

  • Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali (2021) N – Influential figures with two iconic documentaries and rare archive footage.
  • The Woman and the Killer (2021) N – French serial color documentary on The Best of Bastille.

September 10

  • 1917
  • Bananas! **
  • This is Young Man (2020) – an Irish drama about young people leaving school without a job and heading for self-destruction.
  • Kate (2021) is an action thriller directed by Cedric Nicholas Troy and headlined by Mary Elizabeth Winsted. About a killer who has 24 hours left to live after being poisoned.
  • Best of LA (Season 2) – The second season of the comedy Police duo that serves as a spin off to the Bad Boys.
  • Lucifer (Season 6) N – The last season of the Tom Ellis spy series where he plays the devil. Expect the last season of tears.
  • Metal Shop Masters (Season 1) N – Competitive series creates unique contracts to pull welders against each other.
  • Omo Ghetto: Saga (2021) – Naliwood Action Comedy.
  • Hunting (2021) N – German survival movie in which five friends had to escape from the shooter.
  • Titipo Titipo (Season 2) –
  • Zombie Land: Double Tape (2019) – The long-awaited sequel to Zombie Land directed by Rubin Fleischer.

When is Michael Schumacher’s documentary on Netflix?

September 15

  • Countdown: Inspiration 4 Mission to Space (Season 1 – Episodes 3 and 4) N – Two new episodes of the documentary series.
  • Nail it! (Season 6) N-Emmy nominated baking contest show hosted by Nicole Byrne.
  • Schumacher (2021) N – F1 Documentary on German racer Michael Schumacher and his career in sports.

When is sex Education Season 3 on Netflix?

September 17

  • Chicago Party Aunty (Season 1) N – Animated Comedy Series. Featuring vocals from RuPaul, Ike Barinholtz, and Lauren Ash.
  • Sex Education (Season 3) N – The comedy series is seeing the return of all your favorites.
  • Squid Game (Season 1) N-Sci-Fi Korean Drama Series Compared to Alice in Borderland.

September 22

  • Confession of an Invisible Girl (2021) N-Brazillian rom-com Director Bruno Garrotti.
  • Dear White People (Season 4) N – The last volume of satirical drama (and musical focused season).

September 23

  • Story Boots Space Adventure (2021) – Animated Special based on Story Boots IP.

September 24

  • Ganglands (Season 1) N – French thriller.
  • Midnight Mass (Limited Series) N – The Haunting of Bly Manor and another horror series from the creator of Hill House.
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021) N – All new 3D animated feature film featuring your favorite My Little Pony characters.

September 28

  • Ada Twist, Scientist (Season 1) N – Chris Ni and Obama’s production company Higher Ground’s children’s animated series adapting the books of a young girl interested in science.

September 29

  • Sounds like Love (2021) N-Spanish work about a 30-year-old boy who is stuck as an assistant but vows to move on with his life.

September 30

  • Love 101 (Season 2) N – Turkish Teen Drama Series Back.

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