October 20, 2021

Neo-Nazi suspects detained in connection with planned attack on Masonic Lodge


A French judiciary source said on Thursday that five people had been detained in connection with an investigation by a neo-Nazi group suspected of plotting a violent attack on a Masonic lodge.

In this case, three members of a group called “Honor and Nation” had already been charged with “criminal terrorist association” and were arrested in early May.

Three of the five men, aged between 23 and 58, were arrested in the departments of Neuro, Charity Maritime and Hautes de Seine.

The last two suspects had already been detained as part of the investigation. Eight-year-old girl abducted In April.

He was taken into police custody from the jail in connection with the planned attack on the Masonic Lodge.

The group is believed to be planning to target vaccination centers across the country, along with French Health Minister Olivier Vieran.

All the suspects are believed to belong to a group of people who are already under police investigation.

He was arrested in May after an exchange between them over the possibility of making explosives.

Some were also in contact with the suspects. Conspiracy theorist, Remy Delet..

Conspiratorial ideological network

Within the French conspiracy movement, the figures – who were living in Malaysia – were expelled from the country, and placed under investigation for “involvement in the kidnapping of a minor in an organized group”. In this case, the disappearance of the little girl Mia in April 2021 and later imprisonment in France.

Since 2017, the Anti-Terrorism Prosecution Service has conducted six investigations into plans for far-right attacks.

One of them, targeting a A small group called OAS.Has already led to the extradition of six people to criminal courts. His trial is set to begin next Tuesday in Paris.


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