October 27, 2021

NeNe Lex finally opened up to Greg’s last words.

Nanny Lex shared Greg’s last words with her as she mourned.

NeNe Leakes, who lost her husband Greg Lex to cancer at the age of 66, continues to share her last words with her as she mourns. In a recent interview with the people., Shared:

“The five days before his death were really beautiful,” he reflected. “All her children were there. Her best friends were there, our close friends were there. We all sat with her 24 hours a day. Given

NeNe Lex.
NeNe with her ex-husband Greg, in a previous walk / Getty Images.

“We talked a lot and we reconciled with what was happening.” Ni revealed that Greg had told him, “I will not leave you. God will bless you,” he added, “He said he wants me to move on with my life.” I told her I would not choose another husband. I said, ‘I have married you twice, madman.

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Of Atlanta’s real housewives. Alum married Greg Lex in 1997 but ended the marriage in 2011.

Greg thought not only about NeNe’s emotional well-being, but also about his business and finances. He shared that he left him a folder taped to the wall of his office to help him and his 22-year-old son, Brent, as he carried out his family’s financial responsibilities without Greg. Were

NeNe Lex.
NeNe with her ex-husband Greg, in a previous walk / Getty Images.

“She took a deep breath, and then she held her breath. I thought I’d be scared, but I grabbed her and kissed her.” He confessed, “I keep thinking to myself that he is on tour and he will come back. I am still waiting for him to come home.”

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