September 20, 2021

Neil Breachpace aka The V-Man shows a real-life bust-up Old Firm show.

The actor, who plays Comedy Bam The V-Man, has revealed how the hustle and bustle in real life stopped his old firm show – but it was a tumultuous couple who started it instead of the rival audience.

Neil Brachpace, who became one of Scotland’s first viral stars in 2007 after appearing in the Red Masters NEDS Crow video Hair You (That Would Be Right), tonight’s drama Serious’ I’m Nine The cat will appear in Hayes’ Tim. 2 at the SEC Armadillo in Glasgow.

Neil Breachpace will return to his role in tonight's play.


Neil Breachpace will return to his role in tonight’s play.
This time the DVM star is playing the role of a ghost in Glasgow's SEC.


This time the DVM star is playing the role of a ghost in Glasgow’s SEC.

And Neil hopes the performance will be much smoother than the last time he appeared in a production that takes Mickey out of prejudice.

He says: “We were touring with this show in 2019 before the epidemic stopped everything and went all over Scotland.

“But the place I was looking forward to was Motherwell Concert Hall because it’s the city I’m from and I’ve always dreamed of playing there.

“The first half went very well. The reaction was just great. Even though I grew up in Motherwell, I can’t deny that I was thinking, ‘It’s going to be a little bit better.’

“We came out for the second half and as soon as the curtain was lifted there was already a little hub in the second row.

“I started with a long monologue, so the spotlight is on me but all the time the hub is getting louder and louder and reaching a point where everyone in the audience is looking at the second row instead of the stage.

“After all, other actors were watching the crowd instead of me – it was like performing for yourself.”

Neil, who plays Eddie Ghost in the show, adds: “So I stopped the middle sentence and looked at the two who were upset and shouted, ‘Hey, I know this isn’t Shakespeare but You still need to pay attention ‘.

“I applauded and thought it was the end of the matter, but the boy and Lucy looked at me as if I was interrupting them.

It turned out that the boy was walking back to his seat with his drink when he accidentally dropped his pint on the girl.

Hit the roof.

She had to go to him and start arguing with the boy, ‘Here, there’s the rest’ and he put the rest of his paint on her head.

“It’s understandable that she hit the roof and was evicted. But it was just weird that it was a couple’s barney that stopped our show, rather than the fans of the old firm.”

But this is not the first time that The Dev Man Star has found itself in action – in 2009 he was caught up in a massive brawl in Aberdeenshire.

He explains: “A pub in Fraserberg invited me to a show – but they’re more wild there than Glasgow’s Needs.”

“After I blinked, these people came and said, ‘Come to the city, as if we were going to drag you away.’

“At that moment a big fight broke out in the pub. I didn’t see anything like it. It spread all over the bar. It was like a western.

“Everyone was arguing – including the women who were taking off their shoes to kill each other.

“I tied the bandage against the bar with the chair. Then it took a long time for them to clear, and the boy came to me again and said, ‘So are you coming again?’ ‘

Neil hugged for the rings.

In 2012, Neil was beaten and hugged by his gold sovereign rings with two bullets on his way to the Gorbus Gorbals home.

He says: “I was crossing a foot bridge over Clyde when I heard two boys coming from behind me.

“Someone asked the time, which I knew was ‘you’re doing something.’

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“They took my wallet and ring, but they actually refused to take my MP3 player because it was so old – even the snatchers weren’t interested in it. They even took it out of my pocket. Put in.

“But I’m avoiding this moment now. It’s a beautiful moment but I have bad memories of it.

However, Neil insists that being Scotland’s most famous needle has taken him out of difficult situations.

Are you going to cover me

The 37-year-old says: “I was walking home a little drunk one night, when a thin man in the middle of a group gave me some lips.

“After I got something, I gave it back to him, and he immediately pulled his hoodie and then put a rifle in his pocket for something as he approached.

“He comes straight up and suddenly says, ‘Hey, this is Dev Man’ and give me a big hug.

“I said, ‘Were you going to drown me there?’ And he was like, ‘No, I was just kidding.’

Neil competed in some heavyweights for his role in 2013 when Line of Duty’s Martin Compston played the real-life gangster Paul Ferris in the movie The Devman.

Paul Ferris

But the entertainer revealed that he had a head-on collision with a convicted gunman.

He says: “It was unlikely that I would ever tell Paul Ferris that he could not use DivMan.

“But he started following me on Twitter as soon as the movie came out.

“He now tweets motivational quotes and things, which is weird.

“I still tag in the posts of Jacques Aquino of Jacques, who plays V-Man.

“Preston from Jacques also follows me, but maybe it’s because I supported his partner Steve O’Neill on his Scottish tour.

“But I didn’t kill DeVimman – although he’s probably BaldieVimman since I’ve lost most of my hair.”

Now Neil hopes the audience will keep their hair when he takes to the stage again.

He joked: “I know this will be the first live show that a lot of people will be out to see after the lockdown – I hope they won’t be as crazy as they were in Motherwell.” What was

Neil as it looks today.


Neil as it looks today.Credit: John Kirkby.
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