Nearly one in three Scottish teachers have been assaulted by pupils in the current school year, according to the survey.

The survey showed that ALMOST one in three teachers has been assaulted by students in the current school year.

Violence and verbal abuse also harm the health and well-being of most school staff.


Nearly a third of teachers have been attackedCredit: Getty Images – Getty

A study by Scotland’s largest teachers’ union also found that half of the cases where violent incidents were reported were not properly addressed.

Last night, EIS spokesman Ron Constable acknowledged the findings for a “very disturbing read.”

An instant survey of over 600 teachers and associates in Aberdeen found that 47% of them were considering leaving.

Mr Constable said: “Teachers are facing high levels of physical and verbal abuse combined with the pressure on teaching during the pandemic.

“This creates a lot of stress for our members.

“It is clear from the comments that teachers are concerned about the level of support available to deal with incidents of violence. In many cases, they feel like it just doesn’t exist.

“The vast majority feel they don’t have the right resources when they try to care for children with complex needs. It is also very revealing that almost 50% were thinking about leaving their teaching career.”

Survey responses showed that 29% of them had experienced physical violence since last August.

And 54% said they were subjected to verbal abuse. The EIS stated that this included slanderous comments about race, sexual orientation and gender.

When asked if physical abuse and verbal abuse had an impact on their health and well-being, 33.5% agreed and 29.4% strongly agreed.

I’m a teacher and these are some of the rudest emails students have sent me – they’re always trying to piss me off

And 90 percent of the teachers surveyed said they needed more support from their superiors.

Half also stated that after they reported the violent incident, it was not resolved satisfactorily.

Advisor Yvonne Allan, responsible for human resources management at Aberdeen, said: “The safety and well-being of staff and students at our schools is of paramount importance.

“The report acknowledges the collaborative and collaborative approach that the council and union need to address issues since the previous EIS survey in 2019.

“And this indicates that we have successfully worked together to create a new incident reporting process and a subcommittee dedicated to personnel safety.

“We are pleased to see some areas have improved, including a trend towards more respondents who believe there is a clear strategy in place to support them.”

But Ms Allan added: “We appreciate that we still have work to do.

“The recommendation to retain the student support subgroup is welcomed to continue to consider how best to jointly support the workforce.”

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