September 17, 2021

Nearly half of the Covid Scots are isolating themselves after an increase in Covid because the Greens have requested a door-to-door test.

Nearly half of the children at a secondary school in East Dunbartonshire were closed yesterday due to a coyote outbreak.

A total of 405 students reportedly did not attend St. Ninen’s classes in Quentinloch – with a school roll of 850.

The reported epidemic is in St. Ninen's Kirknteloch.


The reported epidemic is in St. Ninen’s Kirknteloch.

East Dunbartonshire Council has confirmed a high school absenteeism rate and families have taken a “cautious approach”.

And BBC The epidemic was reported in St. Ninen.

This came at a time when statistics showed that Glasgow and Lanarkshire were. The two worst coveted hotspots in Europe.

Now the Greens are calling for a door-to-door inspection of the area to stop the rise in deadly insect cases.

Ms Ross Greer said: “St. Ninen’s students, staff and their families should be commended for taking this cautious approach in the face of growing infections. Staying at home as long as their PCR test results Not to be outdone, they are protecting the wider community and especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus.

“When an epidemic broke out in Glasgow’s South Side earlier this year, we offered door-to-door testing to public health teams, who identified the epidemic and brought it under control.

“A similar approach should now be taken in Kirkenteloch and the surrounding villages, to give the much-needed reassurance to the community.”

NDV, Deputy Chief Executive-Education, People & Business, said: “With the increase in the incidence of covid 19 in communities in Scotland, there are numerous cases affecting our schools, with students testing themselves at home after a positive test. Or if they are identified contacts.

“We can confirm that a school’s absenteeism rate is high today. The majority of absentees are students who are isolated while awaiting PCR test results.

“After some positive things at school this week, many families are cautious and are booking PCR tests.

“Schools are working with parents and caregivers to reduce learning barriers for students who need to be isolated.

“Schools in East Dunbartonshire are following all Scottish Government and Public Health guidelines.

“Strong and better control measures are in place at all schools – including proper hygiene and social distance.”

Glasgow and Lanarkshire are the two most affected coveted hotspots in Europe.

We told you earlier how Glasgow and Lanarkshire are. The two worst coveted hotspots in EuropeAccording to statistics.

Figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that the rate of positivity in the two Scots regions is significantly higher than anywhere else on the continent.

Lanarkshire is the worst, with 1,125 incidents in seven days, 100% more than last week.

Glasgow is next with 1017, which is 69% more.

The next worst affected area was Kosovo with 734, followed by Israel at 718.

That’s when Nicola Sturgeon updated it. Quaid announced today

Of First Minister. It is expected that the emphasis will be on the return of lockdown restrictions. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in Scotland.

This comes after a total of 6,029 new cases and seven new deaths were confirmed.

Nicola Sturgeon Update: FM can not ‘reject’ the return of coveted rules as matters escalate.

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