September 23, 2021

My sister-in-law hates me and has turned her family against me.

Dear Daddy:When I first saw my husband ten years ago, his sister immediately disliked me and tried to create problems.

He started a smear campaign, turned his whole family against me. He accused me of control and manipulation and said that I was out to destroy the family.

My sister-in-law accused me of control and manipulation.

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When I was not invited to her wedding, my husband decided not to go because he was too close to her. As a result, we received silent treatment for the next two years.

She did not come to our wedding, even though we had invited her and her husband. We have tried to reconnect with other family members and have gone to some events but it is still very difficult.

It has turned many people against me. I am 36 and my husband is 37, while her sister is 32.

She shows no interest in us and never engages us in anything. It bothers me every day and, although my husband wants to have some contact with them, I will be happier walking away.

Daddy says:She looks like an unhappy woman who is afraid you are taking her brother.

But there is room for both of you in your husband’s life. I think this is annoying for you but your husband is showing maturity by keeping in touch with them.

Ignore his behavior and avoid it if possible. Go ahead with your life and try to be civil. Eventually, she will realize that she is not going to win.

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