My sister-in-law constantly calls me fat and lazy – I hate it, so I got revenge, now my husband is angry

A WOMAN said that she took revenge on her daughter-in-law, who always complains about her and even condemns her for her weight.

However, the woman’s husband is unhappy with the way she treated his sister, and now everyone is arguing.


The woman said she got into an argument with her sister-in-law after laughing in her face.1 credit
The Woman'S Husband Is Furious With Her, But Understands Why She Was So Rude To Her


The woman’s husband is furious with her, but understands why she was so rude to her1 credit

The woman recalled her story in an anonymous Reddit post and ended up asking strangers online if she was wrong.

“In order not to write a huge post, I will just say that my sister-in-law [and I] I have a very tense relationship,” the woman began.

“She is a very hateful, mean person, constantly criticizing my weight, telling everyone who is willing to listen that I am lazy and fat, a bad parent and not good enough for her brother.”

The poster said she just ignored it because she didn’t care what her daughter-in-law thought of her and she knew it was best to keep the peace by being polite.

However, one evening, while she was having dinner with her husband, his parents, and her daughter-in-law, who lives with her parents, she had the perfect opportunity to get revenge.

According to the woman, her sister-in-law thought she needed a change of scenery and mentioned that she moved in with her and her husband along with the children.

“I couldn’t resist, I immediately started laughing,” the woman wrote frankly.

“Right and audacity honestly took me by surprise given the fact that my mutual dislike for her is no secret, even if I stay cordial to keep the peace.

“Everyone looked at me in shock and since the damage had already been done, I said, ‘This is not happening and you know it.

The woman stated that her sister-in-law “immediately launched a verbal attack”, so she decided to gather her children and wait in the car until her husband left the house.

She also said that her husband was more than angry with her, but agreed that his sister would not move in with them.

“I would be lying if I said I am sorry, the only thing I would like is not to expose children to such behavior,” she concluded.

Turns out Reddit thinks the poster did a great job too.

“God, it was nice to read about how someone reacted like that to a bully,” said one person.

“It wasn’t the most diplomatic response, but I think it was a long time ago.”

“So nice. … I want to kiss you … in your (fat, lazy) guts, ”a second user joked.

Several other users accused the sister-in-law of projecting her problems onto the poster as she lives at home and uses her mother to look after her children, which was also mentioned in the poster.

Of course, it would be nice if all the families got along, but unfortunately for many, this is not the case.

For example, one woman previously claimed that her husband’s family deliberately blamed her for having a miscarriage.

In addition, the groom did not invite his mother and sister from his wedding after they played a childish prank on his bride.

The Woman Regrets Only That The Quarrel Occurred In Front Of Her Children.


The woman regrets only that the quarrel occurred in front of her children.1 credit

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