My old friend from Tinder texted me recently, I still haven’t given him my number and I’m scared

TECHNOLOGY currently has its advantages, but certainly has many disadvantages, such as the ability to trace the phone number of any person.

One unsuspecting woman found out the hard way when she received a random text message.


A woman was freaked out when a man claiming to be an old Tinder match managed to get her phone number.1 credit
The Alleged Match Tinder Never Showed How It Got The Woman'S Phone Number To Text Her.


The alleged match Tinder never showed how it got the woman’s phone number to text her.Credit: Twitter/SheRatesDogs

On the screenshots published Through the SheRatesDogs Twitter account, where people can post dating stories anonymously, the woman shared a bizarre text messaging.

Someone claimed to have previously spoken to her on Tinder but never got around to texting her again because they deleted their account.

When she asked where they got her number from, she got the answer: “It was hard for me to forget the gorgeous face I was looking at.

“So… here we are.”

The woman again asked how they got her number, to which they replied, “I mean it’s 2022, it’s not hard to find a digital princess.”

The woman then responded and called the text message creepy, but they said it was “a show of cute persistence.”

Calling a person “on the verge of horror,” she received the worst response of all: “Come on, it’s only creepy if the guy is broke, he doesn’t have a six-pack, or he makes less than $20,000 a month.

“None of them apply here.”

Several people were also extremely horrified by this conversation, such as the one who commented, “Lovely persistence is an interesting term for stalking.”

Another wrote: “The list of reasons why he gets the number isn’t creepy, in fact makes it 100 times creepier.”

“My flesh was covered in goosebumps. How scary,” someone else added.

Ironically, others saw nothing wrong with the insistent text message.

One person wrote: “This is such a weird age thing. We used to have phone books and it wasn’t weird or creepy to open them.”

Another commented, “I don’t think it’s weird, but that’s just me. He didn’t look creepy, and how else was he supposed to contact her if he was interested?”

It is also worth noting that several users warned that this could be some sort of sex exploitation scam, as others have reportedly received similar text messages.

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The Woman Clearly Made It Clear To The Man That She Was Scared


The woman clearly made it clear to the man that she was scaredCredit: Twitter/SheRatesDogs

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