September 18, 2021

My husband’s jokes are really tiring.

Dear Daddy: The tricks my husband is playing on me are really tiring.

We have been together for 15 years. Last week he fooled me into thinking he was a coward.

He ran for a positive test - but he drew a positive line on it himself.


He ran for a positive test – but he drew a positive line on it himself.

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He arrived at the lounge with a positive lateral flu test – but he himself drew a positive line.

She’s 46, and I’m 42.

Then he made fun of my 19-year-old daughter, his stepdaughter, yet I warned her.

He went into her room and said, “Guess, I’ve got a coyote,” and showed her the test.

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She panicked and rang her father and his work bell.

When I told her it was a joke, she went crazy. She broke down crying and then got angry and scolded my husband, saying that it was not a laughing matter because people are still dying.

Daddy says: It was no joke. A joke is something that everyone thinks is funny in the end.

Because you told your husband not to go ahead and he went against you, it shows a lack of respect and maturity.

Your daughter is right. It was done in a bad taste when people are still infected and dying from the virus.

It also sets a bad example for your daughters.

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