September 17, 2021

My husband persuaded me to go swinging, now I’m bent over but he won’t do it again.

Dear Daddy: My husband needed to convince me to be vigilant, but now I’m bent over and he’s banned replay.

He has declared that he does not want to share our sex life with anyone else.

My husband persuaded me to go swinging, now I'm bent over and he won't do it again.


My husband persuaded me to go swinging, now I’m bent over and he won’t do it again.

I am 30 and he is 34 years old.

We’ve been married for two years after a storm of romance. We have some issues and there is a lot of discussion.

We used to have really intense sex life but lately it hasn’t been very good.

To help turn things around, my husband suggested we try hanging out and find a couple for a fun night out.

I didn’t want to, but he promised he would take care of me, so I finally agreed.

We found a couple on a swinging website who looked like people we could be friends with.

We agreed to meet in a pub with the understanding that, if we all liked each other, we would get together tonight. When I put on my sexy dress and underwear for the evening, I really turned on.

The other pair was cute – not slow or scary at all, which made me nervous. After a few drinks we went back to their place.
I surprised myself because sex was amazing.

I walked around with my husband or another boy, and the other woman was with her husband or me when I saw her. My husband liked it too.

Now I want to swing regularly but my husband is against it.
“It’s just a one-time thing, but I want attention and this kind of wireless sex,” he says.

The other couple is a regular swinger and he has told me that I can join him whenever I want.

I really don’t want to go after my husband’s back but the whole experience was such a turning point.

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Daddy says: If you cheat on your husband, you are endangering your marriage.

Swinging may seem interesting at first but it does nothing to resolve the emotional and sexual issues in your marriage – in fact, it can make them worse.

Practicing fantasies often has unpredictable effects, and adding other people to your sex life can easily lead to jealousy.

Ask your husband more about his feelings this evening. Did he feel sexually threatened or did he realize that he hates seeing you with someone else?

Focus on your relationship with him and how you can learn to communicate better. You got together very quickly and maybe both of you have to make some adjustments.

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