My girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement was DONE after my aunt stepped in to share her personal news

The future FATHER’s pregnancy announcement was cut short when his diabolical aunt interrupted to share her personal crisis.

The young man shared his infuriating experience on Reddit’s Am I The Asshole? thread, turning to strangers to make sure of their reaction.


The man took to Reddit to ask others if he has the right to be angry.1 credit

He explained that his two-year-old girlfriend had recently discovered that the couple were expecting their first child.

Although it happened earlier than they planned, they are both very excited.

The couple had been waiting to tell their families for weeks and after their latest ultrasound showed the baby was healthy, they decided it was time to share the good news.

Hoping to make the big opening as special as possible, the perfect moment came when the man’s grandmother needed a smart TV installed in her home.

He said: “Once the TV is hung, I will go through all the new features of the TV as this is the first time they have a smart TV.

“We told them about screen mirroring and then I would mirror my phone and open the ultrasound pictures.

“Guess the moment. We stayed there for about two hours, everything was mounted and completed.

“Keep in mind that my aunt lives with my grandparents and was upstairs all the time.

“One day I mirrored my phone and showed them that everyone was very excited.

“My mom, who was also there, started crying because she was so happy.

“We only talked for about two minutes before my aunt came downstairs and started crying, but she was clearly upset about something.

“She stated that she would also like to make an announcement.

“Then she told everyone that her son and daughter-in-law were preparing to adopt a newborn and that my aunt was against it.”

The man explains that he let her rant for ten minutes before intervening and blasting her for making a couple moment all about her.

An argument broke out before the waiting parents quickly left without resolving the issue.

Asking a group of Reddit users, he needed advice if he was wrong in yelling at his aunt.

He said: “During the guilt trip, she revealed that she was the only aunt who ever did anything for me when I was growing up, which is true.

“We didn’t agree and left in the middle of an argument.”


Over 1,100 people posted their reactions to the original poster’s experience, with most people expressing little sympathy for the aunt.

One person said “she shouldn’t even have announced it in the first place” while another wrote, “I’ve literally never heard of a person opposed to adoption before.”

Someone else asked, “Why do I get the feeling that your aunt is a person who always needs attention?”

Another person said, “Obviously your aunt is the type of person who is never satisfied with not being the center of attention 100 percent of the time. Ignore her.”

Many people congratulated the couple and accused the aunt of “outshine” the couple on their big day.

This happens when the bride took to Reddit to express your annoyance with your lady-in-waiting and ask if she was justified in her reaction.

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Asking A Group Of Reddit Users, He Needs Advice If He Was Wrong In Yelling At His Aunt.


Asking a group of Reddit users, he needs advice if he was wrong in yelling at his aunt.1 credit

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