My family of five was left homeless after being rejected by 227 homeowners in just 16 months.

A FAMILY of five was left homeless after being abandoned by 227 homeowners after looking for a new home for nearly two years.

An Adelaide family is facing homelessness after seeing a staggering number of rental applications rejected over a 16-month period.


A family from Adelaide was rejected by 227 homeowners.1 credit
With Three Young Children, They Are At Risk Of Homelessness


With three young children, they are at risk of homelessness1 credit

On Monday, Hayden Coonan, 39, his partner Aimee Kent, 34, and their three young children spent their last day with housing.

The next day, they were evicted from their home in Morphett Vale without explanation.

However, the property is in need of major repairs, which may explain the sudden eviction.

The family moved into the house in October 2020, but soon after began looking for a new rental home due to the dilapidated condition.

“Soon we started having problems with the house – the gas was cut off, there was no hot water, the water pipes burst,” Mr. Coonan said.

Amy has an older daughter from another relationship that the couple wants to accommodate. They tried in vain to find a new home with an extra bedroom for the teen.

“We kept searching, getting nowhere, no rhyme, no reason [to the rejections],” he added. “You never expect it to take this long. It just dragged on and on.”

Despite double income and an impeccable rent sheet, landlords confused them 227 times.

Unfortunately, the jaded couple has run out of time and now face the harsh reality of sleeping in their car with their three children.

Their twins are only six years old, and the eldest is nine years old. The two older children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which made the difficult sleep conditions even more difficult.

The youngest of the twins also has a degenerative physical disability, so it’s important that she feels comfortable and doesn’t make complex movements like climbing stairs.

The couple have been considering buying a mobile home that looks like a motorhome, but are not aware of any mobile home parking lots nearby.

Another option is to stay at a cheap motel, but they will quickly run out of money.

They plan to stay with Amy’s mother for a few days while they sort things out as there are now eight people crammed into the little house.

Mr Coonan said: “At the moment we are there. This is a three-bedroom house, there are eight of us there.”

Due to less than ideal cramped conditions, the situation is further aggravated by the fact that the house is an hour away from where they work.

Mr Coonan said he was puzzled as to why they were being turned down as they have always had a “great income”.

The father of three describes how he recently attended a home inspection where the realtor gave him and his partner “brilliant references” but they still couldn’t get a lease.

One of the problems they have found is that they often find that a rental property they are missing out on is worth $150 more than the original price.

They often find that the rental property they missed was worth $150 more than the original price.

“There is a property advertised for $380. [which is in their price range]they end up costing $480,” he recalls.

That’s because Adelaide is in the grip of a rent crisis, with thousands on waiting lists for subsidized housing as Adelaide’s rents rose 9.8% last year.

Mr. Coonan and Ms. Kent have been placed on the priority list for social housing.

“Housing SA can confirm that it is providing assistance to Mr. Coonan and Ms. Kent, and employees have spoken to them several times,” a spokesman told

“The assistance included rental advisory support, such as assistance in preparing information for rental applications.

“They are currently Category 1, the most urgent category, in the Housing SA registry.”

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