My family accuses me of fat-shaming after I didn’t invite my 35-year-old brother-in-law to dinner

PART of a big family? Then you will realize that trying to organize any kind of meeting can quickly become very political.

As a general rule, we tend to invite EVERYONE or no one at all in an attempt to keep the peace, and this couple’s experience has taught us that this is definitely the right approach.


The 35-stone son-in-law was excluded from the dinner party because the chairs couldn’t hold him up.1 credit

Accommodation on Reddit forum “I’m an ass”an anonymous man explained how he and his wife had recently completed home renovations.

He explained, “My wife is a professional chef and she dreamed of owning a high-end dining room for dinner parties since she was a child.”

To celebrate, the couple invited their parents and siblings to dinner, but deliberately excluded the woman’s brother-in-law, weighing 35 stones.

He continued, “The chairs we bought cannot support him, and even so, he cannot sit upright due to his weight for a long period of time.

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“He will require either to sit in the living room on the sofa, or to sit in a medical chair, which we cannot bring home.

“If he was sitting there, it would literally make no sense to have a dinner party for our new dining room.”

To further complicate matters, the wife plans to serve seven small courses as part of her tasting menu, which her brother-in-law previously disliked.

He stated, “In the past, he molested my wife for serving smaller portions.”

Needless to say, the woman’s sister and brother-in-law are completely furious about the preparations for the evening, and the man did not embellish them either.

He continued, “When he called last night and asked why he wasn’t invited, I didn’t lie to him, it was because of his weight and past actions regarding food and my wife.

“He went crazy because we eliminated him because of his weight.”

Laying out the law, the man added: “This night is dedicated to my wife and the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream, not to accommodate him, his problems with movement and nutrition.”

No wonder the woman’s sister is now starting and has publicly embarrassed the couple on Facebook.

Although other family members who attended the dinner party understand where they came from, the man says that his comrades who have seen the Facebook posts call him an “elitist” and a “big bastard.”

One of the forum participants replied: “As an overweight person, I do not consider this a fatphobia.

“You are CLEARLY stating that the chairs will not support him, which I have experienced in my life and know that this is a factor beyond the control of people. I broke a chair or two and it’s embarrassing as hell.”

Another added: “I think it could be a ‘hell if you do, be damned if you don’t’ situation.”

“Some people seem to get angry when you point out someone else’s weight. […] On the other hand, if you don’t warn them and they get offended or embarrassed, then they get mad at you for not saying anything.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote, “When you’re this heavy, you have to face the reality that you can’t do what other people can do, and he sounds like he’s in denial. Your wife’s sister also helps.”

Jumping to his brother-in-law’s defense, the fourth replied, “Honestly, I felt sorry for this guy, because it must hurt to be expelled, no matter the reason.”

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