October 20, 2021

My closet is full of designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Moshino which I bought for a pound, I am talented from a charity shop

Carrying the leopard print blazer, Mother’s two Becky Bonds began to beat with excitement.

Soft texture and smooth lines – she knew right away that it wasn’t cheap.

Becky explained how she likes to spend time in charity shops.


Becky explained how she likes to spend time in charity shops.
A Moschino jacket he got for £ 8 that sells for £ 500.


A Moschino jacket he got for £ 8 that sells for £ 500.

“And I was fine,” Becky said. “It was Moschino – and I paid only £ 8 for it at the Debra Charity Shop where I live in Volts, Sweden.”

Looking online, the same blazer, which dates back to 1995, retails between £ 150 and £ 500, with old-fashioned lovers eager to raise a hand.

Modern pop-up car boot style stalls exist in major UK cities and old stores have increased clothing prices since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

But Becky knows that if you have a keen eye and are willing to dig through the rack of hangers, you can find the best designer deals in good, old-fashioned welfare stores located on every high street in the UK. Is.

Career coach Dean, 39, and mother George, 12, and Betsy, 10, are married and visit weekly shops in and around their hometown.

And even when she’s on vacation, she can’t resist going to charity shops to pursue her welfare.

The D&G jeans he bought for 8 8 sold for 75 775.


The D&G genes he bought for £ 8 sell for 7 75,775.Credit: Provided
The price of this Max Mara Blazer is 15 from Sookie Rider - it usually sells for 5 395


The price of this Max Mara Blazer is 15 from Sookie Rider – it usually sells for 5 395Credit: Provided

Now her wardrobe is full of designer deals, priced at £ 4, as well as one-tenth of the actual price of the fashionable Marks & Spencer clothing.

“I also got the Dolce & Gabbana men’s genes from Cancer Research UK for 8,” she says. “They sell between 5,385 and 75,775, so it’s crazy that they sold so cheaply.

“They actually fit me and I love them. My husband doesn’t care He loves Ben Sherman shirts and I always bring them home. ‘

Becky, the data governance manager, also picked up a Gray Max Mara Women’s Blazer, which is thought to cost around £ 395, سو 15 from So Rider and 6 6 from Mind.

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“I love them,” she says. “She is OK. I didn’t buy them just for the label, although of course I was hurt when I realized they were designers.

I also like the color and texture. They are good and smart. ‘

Meanwhile, the top price of two pure linen browns and cream Nicole Fehri from Debra is ck 4 – instead of their RRP than 225.

But her favorite recent purchase could be a larger سے 4.99 osprey bag from Edge UK.

It must cost more than 100.

“I also have clothes that are related to royalty,” she says. ‘I found a padded Campbell velvet dark green skirt that is a bit senate but I like it.

“She attended Charles and Camilla’s wedding.”

It’s not clear how much the skirt costs – but other items have already sold in the hundreds.

She not only buys clothes, but also picks up accessories, including a quirky cassette tape bag. “I like it,” Becky said. It came from a store in Dubai and sold for £ 100 – I paid £ 2. I didn’t wear it much because of the lockdown but I will.

“I have a size of nine feet which makes it difficult to hunt shoes, but I managed to find leather banana republic shoes in leather 8.99 which is very good.”

Becky bought this aspirin bag for 4. 99.499 - it would usually cost £ 100.


Becky bought this aspirin bag for 4. 99.499 – it would usually cost £ 100.

Becky’s Top Five Charity Shop Tips:

  • Find the one that works for you, it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t suit you.
  • Feel the fabric – it’s a sign of great design and even if it’s expensive.
  • Try and go early in the week, people donate on weekends.
  • Avoid weekends – they’re too busy and things get too fast.
  • Be prepared to cross the rails and be patient. It’s all about commitment.

“I have a closet full of stuff but it’s a little flowing,” he said, acknowledging his interest and adding donations again.

“But I don’t spend a lot of money because even though I go regularly, I’m careful about how much I’m spending.”

Becky, who visits weekly charity shops, consistently attributes her expertise in finding designer items.

“I go all the time,” she says. “I just pop in and see what has been updated so that it doesn’t disrupt family time.

“It’s like a hobby and I like to spread rumors by rail there on my own.

“You have to look at things, but I’ve done a great job of figuring out what the designer has done.

It doesn’t matter what the fashion is right now. Often it is a more neutral or rich color, soft fabric or clean. ‘

Becky appreciates her style.

“People admire me for my clothes and I always tell them oh it’s from a charity shop – and it’s a designer,” she says.

‘But I have some drums. I bought a silver coat because I loved it but I never wore it. It doesn’t go with anything.

“Now I have learned that you should always go for style more than fashion. I like high heels. I will never wear them.

“Classic, stylish items will always look great.”

And she says there’s no shame in shopping in charities. “I’ve been shopping for them for 10 years,” she says. “I know some people are funny about him. I always wash clothes when I get home.

In the last 18 months, I have only bought one item that is not from a charity shop. Sustainability is very important.

“My daughter is now borrowing the load of my clothes so hopefully I will start a new generation.”

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