My “boss spied on me at work” and took money from my tips after what he saw

A TIKTOK user claimed that her boss spied on her while she was working and took money from her tips after he witnessed it.

TikToker Shared a short clip on a social media app on February 17, 2022, prompting viewers to say the supervisor had crossed a line.


TikToker shared a short clip on social media app February 17, 2022Credit: TIKTOK/
Tiktoker Shared A Screenshot Of A Message From Her Boss


TikToker shared a screenshot of a message from her bossCredit: TIKTOK/

The video, which has since amassed over 2.6 million views, shows a TikTok user looking frustrated at the text overlay on the video: “Remembering how my boss caught me eating expensive food again.”

The second clip is a screenshot of a message from her boss showing a security camera at her work.

TikToker is supposedly in an image of him eating tiramisu in a restaurant that looks like a kitchen.

The young woman’s boss, who appears to be saved on her phone as “Chief Tom,” shared security footage from January 22, 2021, based on the date on the still image.

“STOP eating tiramisu!!!” read the following text by Chef Tom, to which replied “It’s good.”

Chef Tom replied, “Come see me after your shift. I’ll deduct that from your tip.”

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Days after the TikTok creator shared the video, she commented on the footage, “It’s just a tik tok..

“I know what’s right and what’s wrong :p.”

Thousands of people left comments, dozens supported’s decision to eat food from the restaurant.

One user commented, “I’m sure they’re still underpaying you! Just get what is rightfully yours.”

Another wrote: “If you don’t steal food from work… Do you really work there?”

“Honestly, none of the sisters could resist tiramisu,” said a third user.

A fourth commented, “Literally anyone who says it’s stealing hasn’t worked in food.

“Most of them are thrown away anyway. Glad you all love to throw away food.”

And the fifth user said, “Tell Chef Tom to calm down.”

While many TikTokers seemed to support’s habit of eating tiramisu, some denounced taking things for free at restaurants.

One user commented: “As someone whose parents own a cafe, these comments are very disappointing, many of these cafes and establishments are family owned, and you eat what makes a profit and earns you a wage.

“Honestly, it’s just rude and disrespectful.”

Other users have joked about how sent an 8ball pool match request as a response, which is visible at the bottom of a text exchange between a worker and her boss.

A Few Days After The Tiktok Creator Shared The Video, She Commented On The Footage,


A few days after the TikTok creator shared the video, she commented on the footage, “It’s just a tik tok… I know what’s right and what’s wrong :p.”Credit: TIKTOK/

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