My best friend faked her pregnancy

A WOMAN who claims her best friend faked her pregnancy said she even organized a gender reveal party for her.

Helena Rydeburg, 20, from Florida, shared the shocking story on her YouTube channel, where she boasts 13,000 subscribers and has since racked up almost 40,000 views.


Helena Rideburg claims her best friend faked her pregnancyCredit: Helena Riedeburg/Youtube
The Youtube Star Even Scheduled A Gender Reveal For Her Girlfriend.


The YouTube star even scheduled a gender reveal for her girlfriend.
She Claims That All The Photos Of The Baby That Were Shared Were Different.


She claims that all the photos of the baby that were shared were different.Credit: Helena Riedeburg/Youtube

The YouTube star said that she and her friend Sasha * were brought together by love for fellow video bloggers Dan and Phil.

Just before they were planning to go to meet and greet their heroes, Sasha revealed that she was pregnant with a boy.

The friends decided that a meet and greet would be the perfect venue for a gender reveal party, convincing Dan and Phil to participate in a video ad while holding a sign that read “It’s a boy!”

Elena admitted that she never suspected anything until Sasha started having contractions.

Speaking in the video, she says: “It was really weird that she was eight weeks early in her pregnancy.

“It was not like she gave birth eight weeks early and stayed in the hospital, she left the hospital two days after giving birth.

“A baby born this early cannot leave the hospital this early and needs to be watched and watched over.

“You can’t just leave the hospital with a premature baby.”

However, Helena believed her friend, thinking to herself: “Why would she lie about her pregnancy?”

But the weeks went by, Helena constantly tried to see Sasha, but the “new mother” kept putting off meeting her.

“She kept canceling plans and I got a little skeptical,” says Helena.

Helena also became increasingly suspicious of the photos Sasha shared of the baby, claiming that he looked different in each photo.

She also compared two photos of Sasha, apparently taken on the day she was due, showing her wearing blue nail polish in one and red in the other.

She wouldn’t send a video of her baby to anyone or anyone on Facetime to show them the baby.

Helena Rideburg

Growing increasingly suspicious, Helena and her friend Rain decided to contact the hospital.

She says: “We decided to call the hospital and ask if anyone named Sasha had been admitted to the hospital in the last two weeks or so.

“Not only did they tell Raine that no one with that name had ever been to that hospital, they also told her that they weren’t even having children.

“So that was the main hole, but there were other little things like her body didn’t look like a pregnant body.

“The other thing is that she didn’t send a video of her baby to anyone or anyone on Facetime to show them the baby.”

After sharing her suspicions, Helena found herself blocked by Sasha, who then deleted all of her social media accounts.

While Sasha has never confirmed that she faked her pregnancy, Helena says the evidence is too strong to draw any other conclusions.

“No one really knows if she faked her pregnancy, but she can’t have a baby,” Helena added.

*Names have been changed

Helena Also Pointed Out Inconsistencies From Birth Photographs.


Helena also pointed out inconsistencies from birth photographs.Credit: Helena Riedeburg/Youtube

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