September 20, 2021

My baby was born with a full head of hair.

The speed at which babies grow their full head of hair varies greatly, but tick-tock users are delighted with the amazingly large locks of a small child.

In a viral video, a mother shares how her daughter was born to a big blonde.

A mother has revealed on Tik Tok how her daughter's hair grows.


A mother has revealed on Tik Tok how her daughter’s hair grows.Credit: Tic Tac Toe / Elsbach.

A woman named Alyssa started. Post Showing his little girl, shortly after she was born, with a dark mop.

Pointing to the time to come, she wrote: “And people said she would lose all her newborn hair.”

The clip was changed to show her daughter – who is now eight months old – with an incredibly large curly hair.

Her mother added: “The baby’s hair is very long .. and I like it.”

She looks like a grandmother, but in a possible way!

Tick ​​tock user.

Alyssa’s video, which has been viewed more than 4.2 million times, has received more than 275,000 ‘likes’.

One person wrote: “OMG I love it !!!!! Beautiful”

Another commented: “She looks like Grandma, but in the most beautiful way !!!!!!”

The third shared: “Aaaaaaaah she’s so cute.”

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And a fourth added: “Wow! This is a cute baby whose head is the most beautiful!”

Although Elisa’s daughter’s hair grows and grows after birth, it is also common for newborns to lose their hair in the first six months of life.

According to Baby CenterThis type of baby hair loss is called ‘telogen effluvium’, and is caused by natural hormonal changes after pregnancy.

Although baby locks may look complicated for a while, they should start growing again after half a year.

For eight months, she did a great job - pleasing social media users.


For eight months, she did a great job – pleasing social media users.Credit: Tic Tac Toe / Elsbach.

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