September 18, 2021

Mummy Cane on Season of Sex Education, Ruby’s New Romance and Mental Health.

Sex education Returning with his third season, this time Mimi Kane’s character, Ruby Mathews – the show’s resident main girl – is at the center of a whole new story.

However, in contrast to the screen in the ego Sexually positiveMummy is far from your classic, next age series, when we meet Zoom. I mean girl.. In fact, the 22-year-old is quite the opposite: warm, cheerful and full of energy.

The third season will feature Mimi’s character as the show deals with new topics, including her difficult family life and amazing new relationships.

* Spoiler alert *

Fans will see Ruby in a whole new light as we are invited to her home for the first time, where she cares for her father, who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) and the damage it causes. Her animations with the kids at school – especially Oates – play a big part in the story this season as well, though we’ll let you see and see how much Ruby has changed.

This is the first time that Mimi has written the main story in the show and it is no small feat. Here, the former Estander star catches the shit we can expect from Ruby, the social pressure on young women to be “perfect” and keep their own Mental health In check. Oh, and we hear all about how he got it. Pet dog An important role in the show

Congratulations on the new season. There is a lot of character development going on for Ruby this season and it feels like we know the different aspects of it. What are you most excited about seeing Ruby?

Ruby is very different this season. There is a lot of depth in his character. It’s not just the harsh, mean external that we’ve seen so far. I think we saw another glimpse of her last season and this season focuses on other aspects of her life, like her home.

Like you said, we got a glimpse of Ruby’s home life. Season 2 Which indicates that she is living a slightly double life. What can we expect from him?

We begin to see that things that look so bright and perfect on the outside can’t really happen that way. He has to endure a lot in his family. He has to take care of things more than people think. Something no one at school or any of his friends knew about because his friend never went to his house. Her father is a big factor in all of this.

Can you tell us a little bit about her relationship with her father?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Her father is MS. [Multiple sclerosis] David, the actor he got to play Ruby’s father, is also in real life. The first time you heard about Ruby’s father was at the end of season two, but you didn’t really see him. In season three, we really get into it and what it feels like to be with MS and what Ruby is involved in and what to do with it.

Looking at this soft side with Ruby, many young women will be able to appear, especially with social media and social pressure, as if you have a “perfect” life. What do you think you are most concerned about?

I think that’s really important. It will be very helpful for young people to see that because with Ruby, you see this shiny image that she carries the way she carries herself but it’s not really for her, so I think people It will be related to the idea that you have to be perfect all the time.

In terms of what I can personally relate to, it certainly doesn’t make sense. [laughs]. It will be Fashion. She always looks great, she likes bright colors and coordination that is like me. I have always dyed my clothes since I was a child. My mom always tells me that not everything you wear is the same or the same!

There is also a new relationship on Ruby’s card that we are introduced to very soon. How do you think the audience will react?

I am very nervous and excited. I know it’s a little weird to bring this relationship because their dynamic has been something else so far, so I don’t know. I think the reaction will be divided. Some people will like it but we have to see. I think it’s funny, there are a lot of moments between them that are funny and good to see. I think people will be surprised because this is another part of Ruby’s character development.

There are a lot of topics in the show but obviously sex is important. How would you describe Ruby’s relationship with sex?

He is completely free. She had never been in a relationship before, so whatever happened has always been very comfortable for her. She doesn’t usually like to be tied up or get into anything serious. In this new relationship that definitely changes because, like real life, it can happen. You make all these rules to keep things comfortable and then it ends up in something else.

Ruby is clearly doing a lot this season, most of which will affect someone’s mental health. How did you take care of your mental health?

I think it’s really important to talk to people. Just make sure I’m talking to my friends and family regularly, and they’re checking on me as well. I also find exercise very helpful. For me, I also like to take my dogs for walks because that’s all I can do to clear my mind and focus on myself.

As a cast, you all look great. Who are you close to

Everyone is great! We’ve known each other for a long time because this is the third season. But I will say that my first close friend was Chanel Keller who plays Anwar. Me, Chanel and Simon Ashley (who plays Olivia) all sat together when we went for our first reading and we just straightened up. They were my first staff.

What has been your favorite memory from filming this season?

It was actually one of the best days of my life. [because] There was a new star on the show, my daughter, Baby. He’s a Chihuahua, not a human! But Ruby’s dog in the show is my real dog in real life! I’m trying to bring it to the show forever. I’ve been sliding it into a conversation with director Ben Taylor since the first season and he always said we would do it this time I finally got the green light. Her first scene was magical, I felt like a proud mother.

Sex Education Season 3 is on Netflix on September 17th.

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