September 28, 2021

Mouth ulcers in Glasgow leave a child unable to eat because of the toilet in a bed-affected flat.

A mother has complained of not being able to eat for several days after her 18-month-old daughter caught a mouth ulcer in her broken toilet.

For about three weeks now, Brogan Marins – who lives on the South Side – has a toilet that flushes out dirty water every time.

A Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) tenant has been forced to tear down the floor in his bathroom because contaminated water has rotted the padding under the vinyl material.

Glasgow Times:

The 19-year-old, who has only lived in the property for three months, said: “It’s been a nightmare ever since I came in.

“The first red flag was a pigeon’s nest outside, which my father eventually had to clean up. My daughter is suffering from an infection so I wanted to get rid of it immediately.

“Then, we saw that the cupboards were dirty and then packed in the toilet.”

Shocking video footage shows huge amounts of contaminated water coming out of the toilet tank and onto the floor of Brugen’s bathroom.

After coming into contact with dirty water, Brogan’s child – who also suffers from bronchitis – had “pus-filled spots and small sores” left in his mouth.

Glasgow Times:

“Every time we flush the toilet, it’s out of control. It comes out of the pan and onto the floor,” Brogan said.

“My little girl got really sick of it – she clearly touched the water when I wasn’t looking and put her hands in her mouth.

“She could not eat Drink it For days – he had to take medicine from a chemist.

His mouth was very painful, he had pus-filled spots and a small wound on his tongue and mouth. I felt completely helpless trying to make it better.

And, on top of the toilet worries, Brogan claims to have caught bed bugs off the property since moving in June.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “We started getting small bites on our ankles and legs, so I told the house and they got rid of the round bugs.

“It turned out that he had come here earlier to work and there was a problem with the beds in the area.

“We’ve been left with wounds on all our legs. My little boy has avoided getting them but it was horrible to see my little girl with them – it’s not at all.

“We made her bed and bought her a new one.”
Circumstances have disappointed Brogan, who has called on the housing giant to resolve the issue permanently.

“I am the oldest of them all,” he said.

Glasgow Times:

“They will come to fix the toilet but they are just tightening the pipes and they are loose again. The toilet needs a new system.

“My children have seen me cry and it hurts them when their mother is upset.

“I struggled a lot for this house and I was looking forward to making it my home but it has become a nightmare.”

The Glasgow Housing Association has confirmed that it will install a new toilet “very soon” and replace the cracked bathroom floor.

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman said: “The toilet has been repaired and is not leaking. We will soon fit a new toilet and replace Leno.

“The tenant did not inform us of any issues related to the cleaning of the bedroom wall or the property. A thorough thorough cleaning was carried out before entering the bedroom. We should also arrange for any repairs to the bedroom. Will

“A specialist contractor was recently dealing with bed bugs in his flat and we have not had any new reports since then, but we will be happy to inspect the flat and change the bed.

“We’re doing everything we can to help our tenant, including helping her settle in the area, and even trying to help her find a local nursery for her daughter.”

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