September 18, 2021

Mourners pick up dead body seconds before burial after notice of coffin ‘moving’

The mother, who was pronounced dead in Lebanon, was found alive seconds later before being buried on Wednesday.

A strange thing happened in the city of Hermel. According to Gulf TodayThe “dead” man was buried in a coffin and his funeral service was underway when a group of mourners around him saw the coffin move. People immediately. He did CPR on this person, after which he showed signs of life. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to a hospital for medical treatment. Was taken

A video Shared online on Facebook and YouTube, showing that the man has been resuscitated. A man and a woman started a life-saving technique to save him when a crowd of people approached him. The video shows the relatives of the victims being frightened when the crowd started screaming while CPR was running. The video shows an ambulance entering the cemetery as people began paving the way for the man to be rushed to hospital.

The person’s current condition is unclear. It was also not known how the man was pronounced dead and what happened to him before he was brought to the cemetery for burial.

This person’s identity has not been revealed.

The latest incident came just two days after a funeral service in Egypt, with mourners around the dead claiming the bodies were “moving” and the deceased “breathing”. The man, identified as Ahmed PA, was being buried in the city of Adko on Monday when friends and family claimed he was hearing a “breathing sound” from the coffin. Some people claimed to have seen the man’s feet move. Ahmed was taken to a government hospital for a re-examination, where doctors confirmed his death.

There have been many other incidents in the past where people have been wrongly declared dead.

In April, a 72-year-old woman, who was pronounced dead by doctors, was found dead just minutes before her last rites. The incident took place in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. However, by the time the woman was taken to the hospital, she had died on the way.

Dead body
Photo: Getty Images / John Moore

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