September 20, 2021

Motion called Susan Aitken to write to police and Hollyroad to deal with anti-Irish racism in Glasgow.

Council Leader Susan Aitken is being urged to write a letter to the police Scotland and the Scottish Government asking them to tackle anti-Irish racism.

A motion by SNP councilor Roery Kelly, which will be debated by Glasgow City Council on Thursday, calls on Hollywood and police to work with local authorities to end “hate speech” on the streets of Glasgow.

This comes at a time when several football fans in the city have been accused of singing a song mocking the famine in Ireland.

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Condemning the discrimination, Councilor Kelly’s movement provided full support and solidarity to the council’s “Irish community”. Scotland. ”

It also commends the Colton Memorial, recently released by the Anne Gorte Mir Committee, dedicated to those who had to emigrate during the famine and those who died.

Councilor Kelly said: “For a long time we’ve been in circles about what is needed to deal with anti-Irish racism. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with those who discriminate. But now it’s time for everyone to Anyone who is affected by this behavior and who can help end it – be it politicians, football clubs, churches, civil society and parading organizations – accept that this is a loss for Scotland and a lasting solution. Worked towards

The politician representing the Glasgow North East Ward said: “In just a few decades, attitudes and comments towards people of color have improved. We can do the same with anti-Irish racism.

The West Dunbartonshire Council also recently agreed to a written statement to the Scottish Government to address anti-Catholic and anti-Irish discrimination.

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