September 22, 2021

Mother’s holiday romance broke her heart and left her sad.

Dear Daddy: My mother fell in love with a waiter on holiday in Tunisia five years ago and is now homeless.

I knew he was not an honest man.

She fell in love with the man who betrayed her.


She fell in love with the man who betrayed her.

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She is 35 and she fell for it. She is about 60 years old. I am his son and I am 30 years old.

My father died seven years ago and my mother went on vacation with a friend to change the scene.

Instead, she fell in love with the man who betrayed her.

He moved here, put his hand on his savings and then got his lawyer to put his name on the housework. I think his lawyer did an unprofessional job.

He forced my mother to sell the house and took most of the income.

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He can’t afford to buy another house. She lives with me in my flat.

I am heartbroken for that.

Daddy says: Dear, your poor mother

These people are clever and cunning. Your mother was very happy with his attention, she went with him.

Report this scam through Action Fraud (, 0300 123 2040). He is not alone in falling for this kind of thing and I hope it will help.

If her lawyer works unprofessionally, she can take things a step further. (0300 555 0333).

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