October 17, 2021

Morrison continues to recall ice cream products that may contain plastic.

Morrison It has issued an instant reminder of its brand of chocolate-covered ice cream. Amidst health concerns.

Classic vanilla ice cream is being recalled due to concerns that it may contain pieces of plastic.

Food Standards Agency issued Health Warning on dairy products “Potential presence of plastic makes this product unsafe to eat”.

Morrison issues health warning on vanilla ice cream.

A product recall notice issued by Morrison states: “Morrison is recalling this product because there is a risk that some packs may contain plastic fragments.

“No other product or pre-date besties are affected.”

The supermarket added: “No other products are affected by this problem.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused consumers in reassuring us of our continued commitment to the highest quality of product quality and safety.”

Product details

Morrison Amour Classic Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • Pack size: 360 (3 x 120ml)
  • Better than before: February 2023.

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