September 18, 2021

More travel chaos is expected in Glasgow as train engineers in the union unit vote for the strike.

Scotrail is facing more strikes after engineers representing the United Union voted in favor of industrial action.

The union claims that hundreds of Abelio Scottrell engineers will walk out after a pay cut with train owners.

One ballot returned 78% of the vote in support of the strike at a turnout of 68.4% and is now expected to take place by the middle of this month.

According to the union, Abelio has failed to offer a reasonable salary, as well as a number of facts, such as the rest of the day’s work contract.

United has called for a “significant” pay rise, more flexibility in favor of annual leave and guarantees of mandatory unemployment. The union claims that all of them have been rejected by the company.

Unit Industrial Officer Pete McLaughlin said: “The mandate that the unit has received from its members at Abelio Scratil is an allegation of misconduct by the company and its employees.

“The reality is that there is a working relationship between the United, and for that all the trade unions are practically non-existent with Abelio. The members of the unit have cut their terms and conditions, while Abelio also refused to raise a reasonable salary. The result of the ballot is inevitable when there is no respect for the workers.

“Abelio has one last chance to resolve this dispute in a purposeful and positive way. If he does not do so, go on strike and the strike will begin in mid-September.”

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