October 18, 2021

Monster, 23, jailed for 14 years for raping two men in his own home after meeting at Grinder

A man who raped two men after meeting them on a grinder in their own home has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Will Aaron Gowde, 23, was described by police as “dangerous” – even after he attacked his victims, threatening them with violence and forcing them to withdraw cash.

Aaron Gowda has been jailed for 14 years.


Aaron Gowda has been jailed for 14 years.Credit: Metropolitan Police

The court heard how Goody was arrested in July 2020 after investigating two incidents in which men raped a man they met on a grinder.

After attacking them, they took the victims to a cash point and forced them to withdraw money, threatening more violence.

Both attacks took place in the Anfield area of ​​London.

Further questioning resulted in Gode being linked to a third crime in January 2020 in Lambeth, where a man was assaulted and forced to extort money from a man he had consensually had sex with. ۔

Scientists have identified the knee as a possible suspect based on forensic evidence taken from the first victim.

Officers made further inquiries, including reviewing CCTV footage and phone work, which linked him to three incidents.

Gowda was arrested and interviewed about the attacks – but denied any involvement.

However, the evidence gathered by scientists and officers was overwhelming, and the Crown Prosecution Service allowed the charges against them.

Goody, of Tramway Avenue, Anfield, was found guilty of three counts of rape, two counts of robbery and one count of blackmail in Wood Green Crown Court on Friday.

“Aaron Goody is a dangerous sexual assailant and he poses a great threat to men all over London,” said Saeb Adjai Adwa, a detective superintendent with the local policing team in Anfield.

“She had access to the victims’ homes before they were subjected to significant sexual assaults, while using more violence and threatening to extort money.

“This sentence sends a clear message that sexual violence against anyone in London will not be tolerated and I acknowledge the bravery of the victims in this case who provided important evidence to ensure that Goody Can’t be guilty again.

“I would urge anyone who has been the victim of such a crime to contact the police on 101 immediately.

“Any reports will be handled sensitively and your identity will be kept confidential. Always call 999 in an emergency.”

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