September 18, 2021

Monaco’s Princess Charlene makes fun of her daughter’s injuries after reuniting with the family

Monaco’s Princess Charlene has reunited with her husband, Prince Albert II, and their two children after months of separation, and has taken to social media to express her happiness.

The princess shared a series of photos of their professional reunion shoot. Instagram Account on Wednesday, and wrote that he is “very happy to have his family back.” The 43-year-old has been living in her native South Africa since visiting the country in mid-March for a security visit. He contracted an ear, nose and throat infection that required “multiple, complex procedures” and prevented him from returning to Monaco.

So Prince Albert decided to see his wife and children in June. The Monaco royal court spoke of the king’s next visit to his wife in Cape Town, which took place this week.

In their reunion photos, Charlene is seen hugging her six-year-old twins, Prince Jack and Princess Gabriella, while her husband is standing behind her. Princess Gabriella was seen in the photos cutting an unusual piece of hair, which she had cut herself. Charlene wrote about her daughter’s failed experiment, “(Gabriella decided to cut her own hair !!!) Sorry, Bella, I did my best to fix it.”

Shahi shared another post with her husband with some of her romantic photos. The first picture shows the king embracing the couple, while the second picture shows Charlene leaning on her 10-year-old husband.