September 22, 2021

Mom’s 4 shared three easy hexes which means she’s always out of the house, even on a busy school morning.

A mother has revealed four hacks that she has come to take care of daily life with her young children.

Liz, 33, of Solhol, Birmingham, said she has come up with a number of ‘mother hacks’ to make it a little easier for her parents, given the sheer pace of her life.

Liz shares how she wakes up her four children in the morning.


Liz shares how she wakes up her four children in the morning.Credit: Provided

Mom, who works as a customer service assistant, has come up with some clever tricks to make sure she always leaves home even when school is busy.

She swears using the family calendar to keep an eye on everything – but acknowledges that ‘mother’s crime’ is still one thing as a mother.

Liz, who is the mother of Jack, 10, Harry, Nine, Sophie, four, and one-year-old George, said life is fast-paced because her son goes full-time and her two younger nurseries go. When he works

A family of six, who also owns a dog named Oli, said the week is spent in playgroups as well as playing dates or spending time at home and in the garden.

She said: “It’s great to be at home so I can put in some cleaning and washing up because my basket is never empty! We have family time on the weekends when everyone is usually at home. ۔

“We always try to make sure we do something together, whether it’s a dog walk, a family day or just a roast dinner at the table.

“After having four children, you will definitely learn to trust your instincts and trust your parents’ choices.

“You realize that every child is an individual and is less worried about milestones and only enjoys the short time for which they have very little which made parental training a little easier. Is gone. ”

Liz, who shares her life as a mother with approximately 16,000 shares. Instagram Followers said she uses several hexes to make sure she always leaves home on time.

First of all, she makes sure everything is ready the night before school.

She piles up her uniform and makes sure her children’s bags are ready by the door and ready for lunch.

Another tip is to have a solid gold routine.

Liz revealed: “In our house, everyone takes a shower or bath in the evening and then we share stories and milk with the little ones before going to bed at 6.30 pm.

“The older boys play their games and go to bed around 8 o’clock at night.

“I always try to get up before two in the morning to have a chance to shower and prepare myself and grab a cup before the day starts.

“However you can tell in the morning that it doesn’t happen because I will be in my gym leggings to run the school with no time or intention to actually go to the gym!”

Liz, also known as Online. mumof4_lifewithlizShe said she always makes sure she and her husband are on schedule and on time using the Family Calendar app.

“It’s a very simple mom hack, which means the busy schedule runs smoothly,” she said.

The family of six put what was happening, from swimming lessons to work meetings, into a calendar that is then synced to their phones.

He said: “I check the calendar daily to make sure I know in advance where and when everyone is going to be.

“My husband and I always joke that if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening!

“The hardest part of being a mother is the mother’s guilt – it’s definitely a strong feeling as a mother of four.

“It’s hard to ask if you’ve paid enough attention to each one and succeeded in getting everyone to do what they need you to do today.”

The best lease tips for parents for four children or more.

A family calendar or app. – It helps keep track of who should be where and when.

Clean the playroom at the end of each day. – Lease takes 15 minutes at the end of each day to clean all the toys and clean the playroom ready for the next day.

Online Shopping – It is now available almost everywhere and Liz says it has made life so much easier because she said it is not possible to go anywhere quickly with four children.

Meal plan – Liz decides her family’s meal in advance and tries to make an extra dish that she knows everyone likes so she has enough for dinner and an extra one for the freezer. Share.

Color coding – Another of the mother’s four important tips is to give each child a color. Her four children have a color they know they have, so their water bottles, lunch boxes and toothbrushes are all in their color. “It’s a great way to try and keep things to a minimum,” he said.

Liz adds another thing she believes other mothers can relate to, being asked for breakfast 100 times a day. He has the best hack for it.

The mother of four said: “For the older three, as George does not yet understand, we have individual breakfast boxes where I choose snacks for the day.

“Children can choose when and where they want, but what is in their box can be anything but their food during the day.

“It was definitely a mother-changing game in our house.”

Liz also explained that being one of four working mothers can take a toll on emotions.

She admits that there are days when she thinks she has figured it all out, but also the day she leaves her phone in the fridge!

While she said it could be stressful, she also insisted she would not change it for the world.

He shared: “Our house is always high and a little crazy, but in times of stress there are more times of fun and smiles.

“The more kids you have, the more kisses and hugs you get that make it all worthwhile!”

“I try and encourage everyone to do something to help themselves – the older boys have jobs like making their own beds or loading the dishwasher and I will tell the younger ones to follow the basic instructions. Like wearing shoes or taking something from the closet or drawers.

“I also have a clean song that I play for young children to try to keep their toys clean and to encourage them – however some days it works better than others!”

Liz also shared one of her key tips with a fellow mom – choose your battles.

He admits that there are daily arguments and commotions that can sometimes put things under pressure, but sometimes you have to choose which battle you want to fight.

“It’s mostly with our strong-minded kids, so if you see us with Sophie wearing Elsa dresses and wales, you know why!”

Liz makes sure to label and keep everything in the playroom clean.


Liz makes sure to label and keep everything in the playroom clean.Credit: Provided
She also prepares the baby's lunch every night.


She also prepares the baby’s lunch every night.Credit: Provided
Liz has four children who need to make sure they are out of the house every day.


Liz has four children who need to make sure they are out of the house every day.Credit: Provided
The busy mother also makes sure that all her uniforms are out before nightfall.


The busy mother also makes sure that all her uniforms are out before nightfall.Credit: Provided

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