October 20, 2021

Mom walked out of the new parking zone at ASN School in Glasgow City Council.

Caitlin, 11, attends school, which teaches nursery and primary school children who need extra help, for almost nine years without any prior access problems.

About two weeks ago, Pauline arrived at the school to pick up her daughter and was not convinced that a new parking zone – with no parking disability – had been set up outside the premises.

Due to having an accessible freedom car, Pauline is unable to move the wheelchair in or out of the vehicle unless two parking spaces are available for use.

The 38-year-old mother said: “The fact that they are kept out of a school for children with extra help needs and a large number of wheelchair users – it’s just crazy.

“For me, if you’re making that decision, you’re doing your homework in that area.

“It’s either completely unaware of the fact that it involves a school with children who are physically weak, or they haven’t done their homework. Whatever the reason, it’s a poor show.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that Parking Bay has been introduced as part of the new North Calvin and Northside parking zones to address parking issues throughout the area.

The council said the new zone was highlighted in 2019 in connection with public engagements and was subject to the implementation of a legal traffic order, which includes public consultation.

Palin, who lives in Scott Stone, is a member of the school’s parent council and was surprised she hadn’t heard of the project before.

Glasgow Times:

He said it was a matter of great concern to him as no action had been taken by the council.

Palin said: “There are a lot of parents at the school who will sit down with Glasgow City Council to discuss what will be needed – especially parents who are using wheelchair-bound vehicles.

“What’s most disturbing is that there isn’t a single disabled parking bay here. I’m not sure if the council had contacted us we would have asked for more.”

“This group already has their voices heard and not heard. It feels like we are taking a step back in society when it comes to physical disability.

Glasgow Times:

“You can’t think of a disability unless you’re directly affected by it, but I think of Glasgow City Council – which seeks to promote a more inclusive city – at least You must have heard the voices of the people who use this place. ”

Parents, caregivers and teachers at the school are also concerned that parking meters will be installed on site in the future and that payments will be required to use the new bays.

Palin explained that finding adequate access to a vehicle that requires more space is already a challenge and that it has now become an additional hassle when it comes to dropping off and picking up her daughter at school. ۔

He said: “Our alternative is to stand with the parked cars, bring the ramp down and then take Caitlin down a narrow, busy road.

To me, that means we’re endangering kids like that. It also puts pressure on parents like me, because our children attend a lot of meetings.

“We are already living a very stressful life. We don’t have to think about how we can safely put our children in the car.

Palin added: “Not only is this affecting us right now, but it will also affect families whose children go to school in the future.

“I don’t collect Caitlin until noon, but now early in the day I start to worry about how I’m going to manage to park and how fast I need to go.

You do not need to do this when you are picking up your child from school. It’s just ridiculous. ”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear of Ms. McFadden’s plight outside the school.

“Out-of-school parking spaces are being introduced as part of the new North Calvin and Northside parking zones, aimed at addressing parking problems for residents and businesses throughout the area.

“The new zone was highlighted in a series of public engagement events in 2019 and was also subject to the implementation of a legal traffic order, which includes consulting the public on the details of the zone.

“Our parking team will liaise with the school to discuss how to resolve this issue successfully.”

Glasgow Labor MSP Palm Duncan-Glensi said she was “concerned” about the plight of families with children with disabilities at Calburn Park School.

He said: “I understand that many children at school are wheelchair users, yet it seems that new parking gaps have been introduced, regardless of the children – or others for whom parking is disabled. Bay may be needed.

“This situation underscores the importance of meaningful counseling and engagement. It’s not fair to fight for people who need proper parking spaces.

“I welcome the fact that the council will now try to resolve this issue, but it is also important to consider how to better involve those with specific needs in future consultations.” Can. ”

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