Mom packed her son leftover pizza and chips in a lunchbox

Being late in the morning to get the kids ready for school is a common thing for most parents.

One mom who was running late decided to pack her seven-year-old son’s leftover pizza in a lunch box.


The lunchbox shared opinions in the comments section of the video.Credit: @_kristab_/Tiktok

Unfortunately for her, this caused controversy from other parents in the comments section.

Mom shared the video on her TikTok account. Christabswhere it went viral with over 400k views.

Krista from the US started the video by saying, “A little late this morning.”

Instead of making dinner from scratch like she usually does, she decided to pack up the leftovers.

But the parents in the comments suggested it wasn’t a good idea, and the mom hit back.

In an attached comment, the mom warned, “All KAREN, perfect moms, and TikTok nutritionists can keep scrolling… don’t bother leaving negative comments, they will be deleted immediately.”

One user asked, “No fruits or vegetables?” To which Krista replied: “Not this time, every day is different.”

“Really?” asked another user, Krista replied: “Do you have problems with what I feed my child?”

Other users claimed that their children’s school would never allow them to send leftover pizza, chips and cakes as lunch.

One jokingly said, “My kids at school will call social services!”

Another added: “This lunch will not be allowed at my child’s school.”

Krista wrote: “No school will tell me what MY child can have for lunch.”

However, there were some moms who definitely understood that packing a light lunch sometimes happens when you’re running late.

Many rallied around mom, and one said: “I bet you don’t give him this dinner every day. Who doesn’t love pizza from time to time!”

“Finally something interesting, because who has time for a cup of heart-shaped rice!” exclaimed another user.

A third wrote: “It seems to me that the child was sent to school with food. Job is done. People and their negative opinions need to shove this.”

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Many moms agree that having a light and “unhealthy” lunch once in a while is perfectly normal.Credit: @_kristab_/Tiktok

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