Mom begs to help her daughter with the lunch box because her friends don’t want to play with her because it’s “disgusting”… see what’s wrong?

MOM was devastated when she found out her daughter’s friends wouldn’t play with her because of the contents of her lunch box.

A woman turned to the Internet for advice because her child’s “gross” lunches caused her to be bullied at school.


Mom shared the lunch box and its contents; sliced ​​apple, olives, cucumber, sausages, rice cakes and cheese stick[/caption]

She wrote: “I’m tired of lunch boxes.”

Mom wrote on Facebook: “Every time I pack something, my daughter complains that the kids say it’s disgusting and they don’t want to play with her.

“It seems Nutella sandwiches are the only thing they don’t tease her with.”

She also shared an image of a supposedly “disgusting” lunch box that included a sliced ​​apple, cheese stick, olives, cucumber, brown rice tortillas and sausages.

Not knowing what to do and whether the content was really offensive, the mother said she didn’t know what to pack for her daughter.

But hundreds of users have defended the mom and shared their theories about why her daughter was expelled.

One person commented: “I may be wrong, but I think the problem is deeper than your lunch box. Is a mockery. You should talk to the teacher, why are the children scolding her for what she eats?

“Kids can be so mean they look like a healthy lunch box,” said one mom. “Children tend to eat with their eyes – maybe if you kept the same, but used a flower-shaped cookie cutter for cucumbers, it would be better.”

“I can’t believe kids can be mean enough to say another kid’s lunch is disgusting and refuse to play with him,” wrote another parent. “Food looks great.”

One user reassured her: “I once heard a story from a teacher that the only meal each child brought was one slice of bread covered in blue hair dye. Trust me, you’re doing an amazing job, the dinner looks great.”

Other parents have shared similar experiences their children have gone through.

“Girls are so bitchy,” one mom wrote. “My daughter has had the same problems since she was nine years old. It’s horrible!”

Another mother recalled: “When my son was in second grade, he took prosciutto and deli meats with cheese to school. The girl told him that it was disgusting, and he replied that it was not his fault that she did not have exquisite taste.


The mother was assured that she was doing an excellent job and that she should talk to the teacher about the bullying.[/caption]

And one mom proudly shows off her packed baby lunch box, but YOU can see why. parents think it’s “dangerous”?

In addition, an expert in kindergartens will tell you what they really think about a packed lunch for your child, and what does this say about your parenting style.

Meanwhile, experts say there is something made a serious mistake with this lunch boxbut can you identify what it is?


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